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BPAL Madness!

Honeyed Weed, and Dandelions

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Ohhh man. I did not expect to love this one so much. Of the four scents I tested today, this one has to be my favorite!


Full disclosure: I don't even normally like weed scents, and I certainly don't enjoy the smell of the actual stuff. Yet, somehow, the weed is the dominant note here, and I think it may be the weed note from Pumpkin Doob? I did not dislike that scent, but it also wasn't a win for me. But somehow, that weed paired with this light, pale honey and the sunny floral and green qualities of the dandelion is making me swoon. Seriously, I just cannot stop sniffing the back of my hand. 


I don't tend to have bad luck with the Lab's honey notes aside from honey dust, but this is a nice, light honey that just adds a light sweetness for most of the wear (although I do get more of it with the dandelion by the end of the day).


Bottle-worthy for sure. :wub2: 

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I was ready to full size this one too, but the delicious dankness wears off after 30 mins, and it becomes a lovely dandelion scent with lightly honeyed weed in the background. It's very pleasant but I would prefer to retain more of that initial hit.

Recommended for those hesitant to try the weed note, and for dandelion enthusiasts. 

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In the decant: Yup. Sweetened weed with an undercurrent of something green (like, normal plant green).


On my skin:


Wet, it is sooo much honeyed weed deliciousness. I say this as someone who unabashedly loves the Lab's honey notes and weed notes. As it dries, the green undercurrent becomes discernible as... have you ever crushed a dandelion stem and seen the milky sap stuff come out? And smelled it? That's what it smells like. It's nice sharp, bitter note to bite through the honeyed weed.


This is where it stays on me. I actually wish I got a touch more of the dandelion since that would absolutely give me a reason to bottle it (as it is, I have no small number of honey and weed scents). But this is lovely. Maybe I will see how it ages....

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I wish that I could get this scent without the honey because I love the dandelion and weed opening and don't care for the sickly sweet, super powdery, honey drydown.  The honey completely overpowers the green parts after about 15 minutes on my skin. 

I hate the smell of weed in real life, but I like the herbal-spicy, dark green, almost misty cool note that everyone seems to be using in perfume right now.  It actually smells like it would be in the same family as dandelion, and I like bpal's dandelion notes as well.  It really captures the milky, slightly sweet dandelion sap and bitter greenery of dandelion.  If it stayed all green weed note and dandelion, I'd full bottle this, but the honey takes over and turns to baby powder and heavy sweetness with no greens on me.

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