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BPAL Madness!

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This is truly unique and beautiful. Honestly it just smells like amazing spicy copal and palo santo incense burning in the room while enjoying a nice piece of dark chocolate. Very atmospheric. Extremely well blended. I love this so very much.

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At about a month of rest, Cacao, Palo Santo and Copal blends well into its own thing, rather than showing up at your door as three distinct notes. The mix is a dark, dry cacao incense. The cacao and spicy copal are apparent, while the palo influence is more subtle. The lemony hint in beautiful palo santo is reading as a slightly odd contributor in this blend, I think. 


I enjoy these three notes, and dark cacao incense sounds amazing to me, so I thought I would love this. And, I like it... it's interesting. But the notes aren't currently gelling for me as well as I imagined they would. I'll see what more rest does with them.

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Had originally posted in wrong topic -- yes, there's also a Cacao, Copal, and Palo Santo!  Review pending as it wears on me but yes, it IS different!  :)  OK, so have worn this for two days now and I have to say, it IS in fact different than Cacao, Copal, and Palo Santo!  Let this one rest a while and it's amazing.  In the bottle:  Really sweet cacao, almost like an expensive piece of milk chocolate.  On, wet:  The copal steps up after a few minutes and takes the gourmand edge off of the cacao somewhat, but it's still somewhat foodie.  After a long drydown, the palo santo peeks out from behind everything.  Think of it like layers of paint that wear down; cacao on top, the copal coming up behind, and the palo santo is the base of it all.  The winning player for me here is actually the palo santo, because the faint woodiness of it does come through eventually and adds a whole other dimension to the blend.  

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Wrong scent! Originally had written for Cacao, Copal, and Palo Santo.

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