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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves and Molasses Pumpkin Cookies

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I am shocked to be first!

This is soooo yummy! The leaves really just provide a soft backdrop for the MOLASSES PUMPKIN COOKIES. Ugh. These cookies are hot out of the oven. I'm not picking out various notes, but I will say it smells like a delicious cookie. 


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In the bottle there is the cookie dough, and you are the oven.

This one is a bit sweet but not overly foodie, just perfect for what I like to wear. At first there is some sharpness from the dead leaves, but soon you get the wonderful comforting smell of cookies rounded by the molasses and after a couple of minutes I get the pumpkin. It's one of the few perfumes where I can find all the notes, so it's not a complex one but it is absolutely lovely and is exactly what I hoped for!

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I wasn't entirely sure if this was going to be doughy, spicy, gourdy, or leafy, and the answer is ... all of the above. At first, this is spices and cologney leaves, and I like it a lot. The cookie aspect is there, but it's not gourmand, and I prefer it that way. But pumpkin blends are usually pretty loud and buttery, and while this is not pumpkinny at first, nor is it as assertive as usual, it does start rearing its head after a few minutes and changes the scent to spiced pumpkin leaves and no molasses. I don't like it quite as much once that kicks in.

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