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  1. Ceux


    Wispy, ethereal pale pastel flowers. Close to skin, yet feels like wearing a light and sheer gown on a sunny sunday in the winter afternoon. I reach a lot for this one when I feel like wearing something soft and subtle yet evocative.
  2. Ceux

    Partridges in the Snow

    Warm, woody and cosy, a perfect scent for winter. It feels like if you come home in your tiny cabin in the woods after a long January day spent outside having fun in the snow. You warm your frosted face and fingers by the fireplace while something sweet is slowly cooking. Wet, I get a strong mix of the oak bark, sawdust and basalm, and as it dries the warmth of the roasted chestnut hug me, the white sandalwood gently peeking through with a hint of juniper. Very long wear, I can still smell a faint sweet and woodsy scent on me the next day.
  3. Ceux

    Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning

    Soft and delicate peaches, hay and a warm cup of rooibos, this is a beautifully calm and peaceful scent. I love when fruits and musk come together, the result is a playful dance between the two of them (but I must say my skin is doing wonders with anything with musk in it). Stays close to the skin and wear length is good.