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BPAL Madness!

Frostbite with Polar Bear Attack

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There's strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold...


Frostbite w/PBA is minty and mossy. An mysterious combination of airy and earthy, zingy and grounded. Possibly some ozone? Never sure what ozone smells like but I feel like, if anything, it's this. I'm not finding the "coppery gout of blood" at all. There may be a bit of a redmusk rumble in the background serving the purpose, but it's faint.


This reminds me strongly of the discontinued General Catalog scent Cathode. The notes in Cathode are: "ambergris, spanish Moss, oakmoss and three electric mints". There are no literal notes listed for FBw/PBA, it's presented with poetic evocation, but this is quite similar. I dug through my BPAL box for an ancient imp of Cathode to do a side-by-side. Cathode is sweeter and longer-lasting, although much of that at this point may be due to aging.


I love this because I love mint! But mint, as a scent component, tends to disappear quickly -- it's very volatile. Blending it here with a mossy component TOTALLY works, it convinces the mint to stick around and results in one of the most wearable mint blends I've ever encountered.

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If the blood note concerns you, you may want to stay away from this one. On me, it's mostly about the musky floral type of dragon's blood mingling with moss and a clean, yet mentholic snow note. It's more that type of dragon's blood than mentholic snow on me, buuuut dragon's blood is a tricky note with my skin chemistry. By the end of the day, I smell cedar, even though it is not listed among the notes. But it is a pencil-y type of cedar and not the bomb ass cedar from, say, Tombstone. Alas, this is... not my kind of icy scent.

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