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Aged Vetiver, Chocolate & White Sandalwood

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There is something about earthy gourmonds that really do it for me: grounding, slightly edible, and sophisticated; I feel ready for anything in them! Who needs top notes?


(sniff)...What. A. Managé! I'm so glad I picked this up and I'm gonna need a back up!


I imagine cacoa beans drying in the hot sun. it gives me a similar deep, brown, tropical feel, though the notes are different, to Goblin (whole coconuts with patchouli); AVCWS is drier and hot with the white sandalwood, where Goblin is more warm & creamy (with the benzoin).


I also envision AVCWS as a sauna dusted with cocoa power, or made of cocoa wood (does that even have a scent? In my fantasy it does!), or lying there with a cocoa face mask, or tiny eye bags filled with cacao (like the ones filled with rice/herbs presented in some yoga classes...I don't know if cacao versions of these are a thing, but how else does cocoa function so well in a sauna?! I'm open to other suggestions...). It's such a HOT scent it's nearly anamalic...like I've been enveloped in the finest cocoa incense. It's SO. GOOD! 


I can't wait to try wearing the White Rider (white sandalwood & leather) in the morning and putting AVCWS on in the evening.


If you love Velvet but want to go even deeper, get this beauty. If you love Death Adder, but want chocolate instead of vanilla sometimes, getcha some of this! If you love Boomslang, but want something drier...try Aged Vetiver, Chocolate & White Sandalwood.


Thank you, thank you, Beth! She's brilliant! 



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