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Spiced Rum, Vetiver, & Cinnamon Bark

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When this trio arrived, it was A dry scent, almost made me cough. Luckily, after only a couple weeks resting it’s developed more into what I had hoped...

I’m a big fan of vetiver, and I thought that rum would be thick and sweet, so in my head it was heavenly. I hoped the cinnamon bark was a welcome spice, not overload. 

First applying, I can detect all components. Very quickly, the vetiver and cinnamon bark claim dominance and it’s that dryness I first feared. Thank goodness, after about ten minutes, rum comes back, warm and glowing. It’s not boozy one me at all. It’s more there to smooth out the edges, and lending a slightly sweet golden aura to the other two notes. The vetiver outlasts the cinnamon (it’s always outlasting others on my skin), yet the rum keeps up. I’m surprised & pleased by this. 

I enjoy the scent, yet it’s not a favorite. If the rum continues to grow in strength, and I hope it does, I think it’ll make me happier. 
my partner likes it, even straight from the mail. He says he felt like putting on a suit to fit the scent. 

I’m gonna age it some more and see what happens~~~~~~ maybe by the Fall, it’ll be right where I hoped, and just in time! 

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Spiced rum, check.  Cinnamon bark, check.  Vetiver?  Usually vetiver is powerful and unmistakable, but for the first hour or two it was sheltering in place so far beneath the other notes that I could barely make it out.  So, rum and cinnamon and clove, but somehow it's not foodie in feeling to me.  I agree with artisjok that it's not a sweet, sloshy rum.  And about an hour into weartime, the vetiver comes out of hiding and turns a nice but unremarkable scent into something really good.  It's a sweet vetiver, not a harsh, smoky one, and it gradually tilts the balance until the spices fade, then the rum, and the late drydown is mostly vetiver.  You could wear this on a date and it would just get sexier and sexier.  Totally unisex, good wear length.  

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