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Vevum is a deep refined woodsy scent, dignified and secretive. It transports me to darkened halls, serious debates in whispered corners, power schemes, and a sharp charming smile that hides the truth. Yet, somehow a sadness, strength, and a fragile hope is revealed. A deeper motive for justice unfolds. A somber bell rings in the distance. 

The patchouli is the core note, struck through with dry woods and wrapped in the plush velvety darkness of the burgundy tar oudh (must be the same as in Palace of Versailles). The clove is a genius addition, giving an almost juicy tang to the scent. Clove doesn’t often appeal to me, yet here it’s just perfect. The scorched and smoke are not acrid, actually quite subtle on my skin. The scent has strong throw initially, and gradually becomes a close clinging scent that is both elegant and comforting. It never goes powdery or thin.

 Love! If you’re into patchouli and woods, this is a must have~~~~~ I’m so glad to have received this! Would definitely buy a full bottle, if it wear an option one day. 

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Deep, patchouli woods and a whiff of clove, tar, and oudh. This is a dark, smoky almost scorched wood scent. If you're into dark woods or patchouli, you have to get this. Good throw and wear length.

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