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The color of a raven’s wing, gleaming like an oil slick: cistus labdanum, oakmoss, black vetiver, Italian bergamot, chocolate oudh, French lavender, violet leaf and petal, and sweet aged patchouli.

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The most mysterious Lavender I have ever come across and I love it, not being huge on lavender fragrances.


In the Bottle: Bergamot and a warmed up lavender!

On the skin: Lavender, bergamot, a dash of patchouli, vetiver...at first a bit powdery or soapy, but quickly transforms into something darker as the chocolate comes through.

Dry Down: Lavender fading to the background on my skin, bergamot, vetiver, a very soft patchouli and hint of chocolate settling down. A slight green scent whispering throughout...

                   An hour later, the lavender is back, softly, on fairy feet and raven's wings!


If I were attending a fairy ball in Faerie, at midnight, this would be perfect to wear, though I am pretty sure I would never return...

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Warm lavender, bergamot, patchouli, and a whiff of chocolate. This actually reminds me to a raven's wing. Dark, shiny, lavender. It's the black velvet equivalent of a lavender perfume. Perfect for huddling in a wingback chair in the evenings in front of a fire, waiting for the tap tap tapping at the door. Medium throw and wear length.

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