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BPAL Madness!

Let’s talk about Oudh...

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Mods - I’ve tried searching this section for an oudh topic, but it seems even the forum thinks oudh is a dirt word,... it brings up nada! Please merge if a topic exists!


So! I am an oudh fan! I love the oudh in Paris Gargoyles, Shadow Embrace, Pumpkin Musk... I don’t like the oudh in First Morning in Paris. Does anyone know if there’s a difference, or is it simply the other notes that give the oudh the sex appeal it has in those three?


Does anyone else have a similar experience? If so, what other oils have the sexy oudh in them?


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I love oudh in its many incantations: oud, aquilaria agallocha, agarwood...there are differences, for sure. Tricksy is my holy grail! I also love Gingerbread Oud, Nasty Woman, & Deuteronomy 10:18. I haven't tried the ones you've mentioned but I know Snake's Shadow's black oude, which may be in Pumpkin Musk and Black Oude, too, was stronger and funkier on me. First Morning in Paris has burgandy oude, which I don't see listed in anything else. It may also have to do with quantity and the other notes it's playing with.

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Yay oudh! 

I haven’t tried all the types (maybe just a small few even), but I love it in the ones I have. A Masked Ball of the Most Unusual Magnificence is awesome, aging splendidly. I reeeeally love Deut. 10:18 (my partner stole it for his sig. scent though lol) 

I noticed the other reviews of First Morning in Paris said it is a funky one... I also noticed sometimes with aging the funk is tamed, but haven’t done the experiment myself. I’m hoping that’s the case, because I want to grab Snake’s Shadow, but don’t want it to be a barnyard smelly Snake (thus my hope of aging=awesome).


ooohhh now I really want Gingerbread Oudh! And I need to try Nasty Woman...

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