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BPAL Madness!

Honey Marshmallow Bath Oil

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I was going to blind bottle this.


But I didn't, because I was trying to tell myself that I have too many bath oils that I need to use up before getting another bottle.


Well, that was a mistake.


THIS IS GLORIOUS. It's mostly fluffy, creamy marshmallow with a light touch of honey. (This is from a test on my arm -- I only use my bath oils as post-shower moisturizers.)


I need a bottle. :heart:  (Good thing I finished up two bath oils this week!)

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OMG I did not anticipate to really like let alone love this bath oil. So I only ordered 1/4oz from Ajevie, but I'll surely need at least one bottle!! 🤤


This is all glorious creamy fluffy marshmallows and no dominant or achingly sweet honey. Just pure creaminess! 🥰😍

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I expected Honeyed Marshmallow to have the same heavy honey ratio as Honey & White Carnation, so I almost didn’t buy it. Luckily, the reviews made me second guess and I added it to my Luper order. Yes glorious, yes fluffy, yes! 

It’s a lightly gourmand scent (almost a bit buttery), barely a touch of honey. Marshmallow heaven smells like this. :angel: Flooooofy


The first time I tried this in a bath it disappeared, though the water was hotter than I wanted. Have to try it again with cooler water. Slathered on my skin, I spent an hour laying in bed sniffing my arms before I could go to sleep! :lol:


I’m glad y’all’s reviews changed my mind! 

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Creamy fluffy marshmallows with a touch of honey. If you wanted to frolic in marshmallow fluff, this one is it. 

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