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  1. mandragora369

    Bye, Austria!

    Lilith: “Nooooo! I don’t want to leave Salzburg!!!! I loved how it snowed, and I loved the food. I piled up on bread, mostly, but the bread was really good. And honeycomb. And bacon and sausage and eggs. I loved the outdoor hot tub thingymajigger. Being in a spa when it’s so cold outside is fun. I love the Christmas markets and I got unicorn and bat stuffy heat packs which is so cool.” Brian: “I agree with Lilith’s sentiment on this. All the cities we visited were great, but Salzburg was the most charming. I loved the Christmas markets in Berlin, but Salzburg was… – quainter? I loved the gruff and distant replies we got to questions we posed to locals. I LOVED THE KRAMPUSLAUF. You can’t beat a Krampuslauf. Plus, I got a fancy hat. A legit fancy Tyrolean hat. I love that hat.” This scent? Sachertorte.  So being from Austria, home of Sachertorte, it's cool owning a perfume inspired by it. In the bottle I get booze? 😅 Yes some soak the chocolate sponge cake with liquor something. So that figures. On my skin that booze fast disappeares, I'm glad! It's chocolate, for sure but not just. I think I get some sort of fruit jam, but not sure which one. Interesting scent though! 😅 Sachertorte is chocolate sponge cake, filled with apricot jam or sometimes with red currant ("Ribisel") jam and glaced with dark chocolate frosting. The jam is always without any pits.
  2. mandragora369


    Brian: “No one else would come out onto the rink. It was just Lilith and me skating, and Beth and Ted were trying to get pictures. I was trying to teach Lilith to skate while dodging penguins and other tourists. There’s a pretty funny photo of Lilith falling and me lunging to catch her, and the funny part is that it’s angled in a way that almost looks like I’m pushing her down. We skated together a ton that night, and she insisted that we go back again the next night.” Lilith: “I’ve ice skated before when I was littler with a thingy, but this is the first time I really learned how to ice skate. Unkie helped me when I wasn’t using the penguin and he skated me with a lot and helped me learn how to do it. I fell down a lot, but that’s fine.” Sugared chestnut and powidltascherl.  Wow first one... That's so good! Sweet powidl. Powidltaschen are sweet sugared pureed plums inside a sweet potato dough, covered in sweet crumbs. I smell the sweet plums and a doughy scent. But no chestnuts. Still very yummy! 🥰
  3. mandragora369

    Hohensalzurg Fortress

    So I read on FB, and now here above, it should be similar to NA Bastet Amber. I think I get that comparison, they are really similar, just with cocoa. First Hohensalzburg reminds me of Gelt, but then the icy part takes control and that really feels like Bastet Amber. It's funny living in Salzburg and wearing a perfume inspired by my home town 🥰😅
  4. mandragora369

    Hello, Salzburg!

    I really like that one! Definitely blackberry and plum with something in the background that reads perfumy. It's not really musk nor Amber so not sure. Might be the " icy" air?
  5. mandragora369

    Zonked in Paris

    Oh it's soooooo good, even mail fresh from this morning. Coffee and vanilla ice cream, delicious! Sweet but not cloying due to the coffee brew. Glad I got a bottle!
  6. mandragora369

    Scheiterhaufen Vom Boskop Apfel

    Okay, this isn’t a photo of Lilith, but it IS a photo of a dessert I had on the first night in Salzburg. It was delicious and amazing and perfect, and it gets its own scent. Baked apples in cinnamon cream, with a blueberry and raspberry garnish.  Scheiterhaufen Vom Boskop Apfel is a sweet and fruity scent, I do get the blueberry at first, with a tiny bit cinnamon and cream. But that fades and what's left is slightly cinnamon sweet cream. Until now I don't really get apple... But it's an interesting scent
  7. mandragora369

    Endless Night Bath Oil

    Endless night is a soft scent, none of the notes are in any way dominant on my skin. I get little bit, but not overwhelming, honey, blackberry and musk. Can't smell bay or tobacco. This will surely be a nice bath treat!
  8. mandragora369

    The Temptation of St. Nick

    I first thought of gingerbread spices when I first smelled it. Indeed it must be clove mixed with chili pepper, it's very spicy on me, sweet and spicy. After like 10 minutes in, the spices back off a little and I get a hint of cocoa. But unfortunately no nuts at all. It seems my skin amps all the spices in this one. 😞
  9. mandragora369

    Unwrapped Bath Oil

    I'm no floral lover, but wanted to test this combo of resins and lotus. On my skin it's really nice, soft florals and balsamic resins.
  10. mandragora369

    Fourth Lash

    Only since falling down the BPAL rabbit hole, I'm beginning to like rose heavy blends. Actually quatre started it. 😅 Well Fourth Lash is very rose heavy, very true to nature just like sniffing a rose blossom. But even for me it's not that bad. Can't smell any leather or amber, not even vertiver. Just a slight sandelwood in the background. It's nice, but won't need a bottle.
  11. mandragora369

    Seventh Lash

    I was intrigued by the Birch tar in Seventh Lash but I'm afraid there's too much labdanum, it's very harsh and pungent on me. Can't stand it 😞
  12. mandragora369

    First Lash

    First Lash has Austrian black Amber, so I'm from Austria, had to test it! It's very resinous, woody and has a slight herbal note to it. Not bad at all! ☺️ Stays this way throughout wear. But I doubt needing a full bottle.
  13. mandragora369

    Twelfth Lash

    I love patchouli and I often like honey. This lash is nice, sweet with wooden notes in the back. Almost a bit herbal. But the honey note is strong, it's quite similar to Zoe and the Goat from recent Weenies. ZATG is sweeter and less woody. But it's the same honey note in both! In Zoe the honey note was very strong first but has developed since arrival. I'll expect it here too. But fresh I hardly detect any patchouli, only a slight wood note. The honey develops powdery sweet on me. Don't need more than my decant.
  14. mandragora369

    Perchta 2018

    I'm from Austria, so I needed to sample it. Although knowing it must be floral heavy. Well it is, it's not overly bad nor is it reeking on my skin, but it's just no scent for me. Didn't get any snow note, but after half an hour or so I guess there's a fir note far underneath the flowers.
  15. mandragora369


    I'm from Austria and Perchten are living folklore here. Schön means pretty. (German word) I'm no lavender fan, some lavender blends work like TKO or the air and the ether, but most don't. This doesn't either. It's a herbal lavender on my skin first, that was strong but ok. But it develops into a soapy scent I can't stand. So Schön turns ugly on me unfortunately.