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  1. mandragora369

    Christougenniatiko Dentrophobia

    Strange, after initial blast of pine, my sample transforms to funnel cake on my skin. Sweet funnel cake with background of pine. 🤔
  2. mandragora369

    Coffee Beans & Copal

    Unfortunately I also get a strong lemon note from my little sample with a hint of whole coffee beans in the background. Just like VioletChaos mentioned above. The lemon reminds me unfortunately of toilet cleaner citronella, so nothing I enjoy. Fail 😣
  3. mandragora369

    Bourbon Vanilla & Yellow Carnation

    I only got myself a 5/8 dram from Ajevie. It's really hard to resist a Carnation scent 😅 It's a really lovely soft scent. Well balanced, I do get both, a slightly creamy vanilla, which isn't gourmand, and a heady carnation. I only received my mini like a week ago, so far the carnation becomes more beautiful the longer it's on my skin. I like it dried down better than wet.
  4. mandragora369

    Rapture Pig

    I'm glad I got a bottle of Rapture Pig! It does smell a lot like Lush Rose Jam! It's jammy sweet roses, very bright and pretty. After drydown, about an hour or so in wear, the roses recede and I'm left with a beautiful red musk note. I love the Labs red musk notes, so thats great! No soapiness and no currants for my nose luckily.
  5. mandragora369


    I love it! Oudh works great with my skin chemistry, so no surprise there. It's a dark green aromatic mossy oudh. I don't really get any patchouli. Great throw and wear length, I smell it hours later after application.
  6. mandragora369

    Honey and White Carnation Bath Oil

    I only got a quarter oz decant, I love carnations but I'm wary with honey, it can go sickly sweet sometimes. On dry skin it does go sickly sweet with hardly any hint of carnation, just the thing I hate about honey. But I did try it in the tub on wet warm skin. There is much better!!! 😊 It's not that sweet anymore, I still get the honey note but it receded to the background. Now it's a soft floral show! Finally carnation shows its pretty petals! In the tub it's really a nice scent, I'm fine with my little decant and won't need more.
  7. mandragora369

    So Full of Gratitude Bath Oil

    Thanks to BPTP Etsy I snagged two bottles of this bath oil. Although not knowing if I liked it, I took a chance. And I'm glad I did. Fresh out of the mail on dry skin it wasn't that amazing, there was a strange butter note. But I took it into my last bath and used it on wet warm skin. Boy that changed everything!! Creamy chocolate with a hint of cookies what I thought must be that shortbread used in the US. Also I must add the label is just adorable! Just a bummer it's not really water proof, but that won't stop me from using it! 😊
  8. mandragora369

    Snake Eyes Gleaming in Spring’s First Twilight

    OMG I'm so caught red handed here, didn't expect to love Snake Eyes Gleaming in Spring’s First Twilight that much! I do like snake oil and non herbal lavender, even oudh after aging, but this..... This is so amazing!!! First there's the oudh and a note I understand as non herbal lavender. Definitely violet colored. Not the stinky oudh but the balsamic pretty dark oudh if that makes any sense. I guess after half an hour I also get a whiff of snake oil vanilla. Dry it's a pretty shadow of oudh, soft lavender and SO. It's a wonderful relaxing sleep scent for me! It has some similarities to Hidden Purpose Bath oil minus snake oil. But HP bath oil is much more smoky whereas Snake Eyes Gleaming in Spring’s First Twilight is more creamy and charming. Had to get a backup of this!! 🥰
  9. mandragora369

    Cock Cage

    I think either way you hate oudh or love it. I love it! 🖤 It starts with zesty apple and dark animalic Oudh. Not stinky like hope Auspicio was fresh, but very dark! 🖤 Wet there are only those two notes dominating, while drydown little neroli emerges. Dry oudh isn't that dark anymore and apple is gone. Completely dry a hint of leather is noticeable and still very little neroli. Upgraded my decant to a bottle. 😊
  10. mandragora369

    Hope / Auspicio

    So when I got my decant last year, all I smelled was animalic dark skanky oudh with hardly any carnation. Now it has had time to age and finally I can wear it, the oudh isn't that bad anymore and I can smell carnation underneath! Also it's not skanky anymore, it's still dark and animalic but totally wearable! 😊 Aging seems to do wonders with black oudh on me. Lucky me, only have to wait a year 😅
  11. mandragora369

    Right Ventricle

    I got a decant of Right Ventricle, I adore Ylang Ylang, it's one of very little floral scents I really love! Fruits can be great on my skin or go completely sour, so only a decant. In the vial all I get is sweet orange and lime, both relatively balanced. Wet on my skin I finally get my beloved Ylang Ylang. It's such a pretty heady floral. Both fruits are in the background but still there. At that stage I get no benzoin/no resin, it's just a nice fruit cocktail. Dry both fruits are almost gone and I'm left with my Ylang Ylang and now there is a hint of benzoin. Not strong though. Overall it's a really nice scent!
  12. mandragora369


    I got a decant of Aorta, I love plums and apricots, like vetiver and roses are ok. In the vial and wet on my skin all I get is plum and fruity apricots. Hardly any rose and no vetiver. It's a nice soft scent Dry the roses emerge more, but I still get the fruits. No vetiver. I'll be sticking to my decant, it's nice but not bottle worthy for me.
  13. mandragora369

    Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle

    Today my Spring Snakes arrived and I tested Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle after some hours. I was intrigued by the nettle, it's a plant I really like! It's an unusual scent but not bad at all. I love nettles, either as tea, in my green shakes or to eat in salads or topped on bread, well at least their yummy seeds. Snakes Slithering Through Stinging Nettle really smells like nettle tea, dark green, herbal. There's an undertone of SO, but not strong at all. Curious how this will age! 💚 After an hour of wear more snake oil emerges! 😊
  14. mandragora369

    Honey Marshmallow Bath Oil

    OMG I did not anticipate to really like let alone love this bath oil. So I only ordered 1/4oz from Ajevie, but I'll surely need at least one bottle!! 🤤 This is all glorious creamy fluffy marshmallows and no dominant or achingly sweet honey. Just pure creaminess! 🥰😍
  15. mandragora369

    Bye, Austria!

    Lilith: “Nooooo! I don’t want to leave Salzburg!!!! I loved how it snowed, and I loved the food. I piled up on bread, mostly, but the bread was really good. And honeycomb. And bacon and sausage and eggs. I loved the outdoor hot tub thingymajigger. Being in a spa when it’s so cold outside is fun. I love the Christmas markets and I got unicorn and bat stuffy heat packs which is so cool.” Brian: “I agree with Lilith’s sentiment on this. All the cities we visited were great, but Salzburg was the most charming. I loved the Christmas markets in Berlin, but Salzburg was… – quainter? I loved the gruff and distant replies we got to questions we posed to locals. I LOVED THE KRAMPUSLAUF. You can’t beat a Krampuslauf. Plus, I got a fancy hat. A legit fancy Tyrolean hat. I love that hat.” This scent? Sachertorte.  So being from Austria, home of Sachertorte, it's cool owning a perfume inspired by it. In the bottle I get booze? 😅 Yes some soak the chocolate sponge cake with liquor something. So that figures. On my skin that booze fast disappeares, I'm glad! It's chocolate, for sure but not just. I think I get some sort of fruit jam, but not sure which one. Interesting scent though! 😅 Sachertorte is chocolate sponge cake, filled with apricot jam or sometimes with red currant ("Ribisel") jam and glaced with dark chocolate frosting. The jam is always without any pits.