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A plucking of the heartstrings: blood musk, radiant golden amber, gilded carnation, orange blossom, and red cognac.


Straight from the mail, no time to settle -- but I'm reviewing anyway this afternoon, so I'm letting my Lupers cut in line. Will always amend and edit after the perfume has time to get used to its new home. 


Edit 3/2/19 -- Additions and/or revisions after the bottle has had a week to settle. Also, I promised y'all some Luper Goat reviews.


In the bottle: Red musk and some notes that are gently sweetening it. After some time to settle, I get some very identifiable orange blossom in the bottle as well. 


On my skin:


Wet, it's red musk and amber.


This time, the wet-on-skin scent almost has a true orange quality to it, rather than just orange blossom. I know it's not a listed note; I'm just saying what I smell. 


As it dries, I can detect the orange blossom gracing the top of the blend, adding a bit of lightness to the musk's grounding.


This time as it dries, it's the blood musk that actually starts to develop more on my skin, since that's what hasn't been as prominent. (The blood musk does still seem to function as red musk on my skin.) Whatever I detected as actually "orangey" is fading now, so I'm not sure I'll be able to pick out exactly what's going on there. Also, at this point, while the orange blossom is giving the scent a lot of throw, what I'm actually smelling in the throw is blood musk. 


Given additional time to develop, the orange blossom becomes more prominent -- but mostly in lending an airiness and waft to the blend, not so much for strength of scent -- and the cognac becomes barely detectable, adding a trace of sweet thickness to the blend. Red musk/blood musk (it's coming across as red musk on my skin, but could well be a distinct note) is still the most prominent note at this phase. 


Huh. Now it's almost the reverse of my initial test. Well, the blood musk is still the most prominent scent, but it and not the orange blossom is the one gaining prominence as I give it more time to develop on my skin. It's slightly sweet and resinous from the amber (and maybe the cognac?) and airy with orange blossom, but this is blood musk's time to shine. 


Once it settles completely, about an hour after application, the orange blossom does have the most waft to it while the musk continues to be at the forefront of the skin scent. And the musk and cognac keep even the wafted scent a little heavier than other orange-blossom blends I own (I'm thinking mostly of Khyrsee, which has both amber and orange blossom). 


About an hour after application, the cognac starts to make an identifiable appearance, lending a heavy, sweet potency to the blend. Several hours later, it fades to a red musk softly sweetened by amber and cognac. 


Right now, it's a very unusual blend in that it has two pretty distinct manifestations on me -- one featuring the blood musk, the other featuring the orange blossom. But both scent profiles are like reflections of one another, in that the background notes are always detectable and influencing the featured note. (Except carnation, which disappears for the moment. But that's a Known Thing with new carnation and my skin.) Also, both scent profiles are complex and gorgeous. 


Settling has allowed this Chordae Tendineae to be more consistently blood musk on me, though the notes of its background moods still change -- first orange blossom, then the amber and cognac. I still wish I got some distinct carnation, but right now, I think that might be overshadowed by the cognac note. Not sure if further aging will bring it out more, though it couldn't hurt. 


I feel comfortable characterizing this as a red musk blend for me, but with the amount of morphing this does on me, I definitely don't know that this is what's going to happen for others. 


If Chordae Tendineae were a Luper Goat, it would be a goat you always need to keep half an eye on because she's always investigating new ways to get into trouble. Digging under the fence. Nuzzling open the bolt on the gate. Nosing up to your plate to see if you've got anything interesting to eat there. Stealing underwear off the line. Always something new with this one!


Medium throw. 

Edited by torischroeder9

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Carnation, amber, and red musk with a whiff of cognac. I recognize that it's blood musk vs red musk, but it's got big jags of spicy carnation floral and amber embedded in this. Medium throw and wear length.

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In the bottle: Heavier on the orange blossom, amber, and carnation here.


Wet on my skin: This starts out with a pretty good amount of poofy, spicy-ish orange blossom, amber, and carnation, quickly joined by that blood musk and a hint of cognac. All the notes are present at this point, but definitely more on the spicy floral side while wet.


Dry: I got this partly because some of the notes reminded me of another Luper love I didn't get enough of, Daruma Doll, and I was hoping for a cousin scent. This is a bit more floral and less effervescent, but once it dries and has been wearing for an hour or two, it *is* the cousin scent I was hoping for. The orange blossom and amber remain key players for some time, with the carnation spicing them up, and the blood musk and cognac taking a back seat and mostly adding a soft base that prevents the florals from running away. At some point, the florals and amber retreat somewhat, bringing the blood musk and cognac to the front, gently sweetened by amber and a waft of summer flowers. This is where it becomes the cousin scent to Daruma Doll. I like it through all of the stages of its evolution, however!


This is a scent that, in my opinion, would not be out of place at some kind of upscale art gallery event where everyone is sipping cognac and admiring abstract Oriental-themed floral paintings. 

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The perfect romance..in a bottle.  Really. I could point out all the listed notes..but really what would that do for you? Instead, I will tell you this: All notes together are a beautiful, placeless, timeless, heart-throbbing, deeply sensual, wistful, idealistic, yearning romance. Can't get over this one!

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Very perfumey from application to dry down.  Dry, red musk dominant, but enjoyable, as I don't have a lot of scents in my collection that are like this.  FWIW, I am not getting orange blossom, even though this is why I got this decant in the first place.  OK to try, but not for me.

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