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Recommendations for my husband?

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Hi all! I'm looking for a few recommendations for my husband. He wore Cool Water when we first met, but over the years his preferences have changed and he's become very interested in BPAL and open to trying new things. For the past couple of years, he has been wearing Golden Priapus regularly. I love it on him, but I noticed that he has tried a couple of other samples recently and I'm thinking a few new imps or bottles might be a fun gift.


I'm looking for some manly recommendations! He and I both enjoy the notes in Golden Priapus. He has a new aftershave with a heavy, heavy fir scent, so it might make sense to try something that would coordinate well with it. I think a lot of the blends that are considered unisex would probably feel too feminine to him. Thanks for your help!

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I'll try to look for the thread about masculine scents after this because there are a bunch of suggestions there (the funny thing is, I'd definitely consider "Golden Priapus" unisex, but YMMV obviously). I first ordered imps for my husband several years back so some stuff has been discontinued, but I know these were among them:


Vicomte de Valmont

Titus Andronicus  


Dee (this one in particular is sort of like "Old Spice but better") 



EDIT: Here's the thread I was talking about, I'm linking to the most recent page. 

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Odin smelled very masculine to me, and the herbs might work with the fir aftershave.


Some pine scents:

Loup Garou

Knecht Ruprecht (just re-released this Yule!)

21 (gin, juniper, they're related)

White Fir single note

Take the Moon


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I know the collection has been taken down, but my guy loves pine/forest scents and this one might be worth keeping an eye open for: The Forest of the Empress. To me it is just a touch sweet like the vanilla/amber of Golden Priapus but much more foresty. Entirely foresty.


Rogue and Sherlock Holmes both have that pine-y rosin going for them. Rogue has some nice smooth leather, and Sherlock has that sweet tobacco.

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Black Forest might be a good one too, and if you can track them down, The Eternal King and Christogenniatiko Dentrophobia

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My partner has This is Your Wilderness, from the OLLA line, and we both love it! 



I feel feel like The Antikythera Mechanism would be good, if you want a diversion from the pine. Also, it’s nice that it’s GC, so less expensive and regularly available. 


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Thanks for all the recommendations! I did some hunting in my imp box and found Palmyra (from the old thread) and several of the GC recommendations in there, so I've set aside those for him to test. I'm also going to purchase a few imps and a couple of 5 mL bottles based on the recommendations here. Thank you so much!

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If he likes Cool Water then Vicomte de Valmont and Wilde should definitely be on the list.  One of those is a very close match.  Can't remember which but both great

The Bow and Crown of Conquest

Dorian, of course



Tombstone (!)

Sherlock Holmes, perhaps

The Black Rider




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