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BPAL Madness!

Italianate Landscape with a Goat and Sheep Hair Gloss

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Philipp Peter Roos


Caramelized wood resins, black peppercorn, and leather.


I'm still new to testing out HG scents, so I got a 4ml tester in a spritz bottle so I could actually spray it on my hair.

I was hoping for leather.

What I got was sickly sour yellow biting wood. As it dries peppercorn comes out, which just adds more bite. Turns to a kind of powerdery sour wood resin with an acrid bite. 

It bothers my sinuses. 

And a couple little squirts goes a long way!

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this smells like foody...woods sort of. something is a bit rubbery and strange smelling in this. i think that may be the leather? not a typical leather for sure, but i'm not sure what else it could be. this is one of those scents that smells good wafting up from my arm, but doesn't smell as good when i smell up close. i don't get the rubbery thing when it wafts...just a pretty caramelly scent that's not overly foody with some pepper. after about 10 minutes, that rubbery thing calms down and it's mainly just a caramelized woods scent. it's kind of growing on me, and actually i'd love an atmo spray or candle in this scent.



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Just realized I didn't rave about this scent on here yet! For me this is like spicy, leathery, Antique Lace(2017). It's just leathery, spicy, vanilla and I love it. I wasn't originally interested in this based solely on the scent description, but my friend went to the November LA Lunacy with me and tested it in her hair and got a bottle. It smelled so amazing on her that about a month later I couldn't hold out any longer and I ordered my own bottle.

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Full disclosure: I sprayed this on a paper towel and on my arm and not in my hair. I wash my hair every other day, so if I am not sure how a hair gloss will go, I test it this way so that I am not stuck with the scent for two days.


Italianate Landscape with a Goat and Sheep is a lot nicer than the note list makes it sound. It features lightly caramelized woods that become creamier over time, spiked with some black pepper. I do not get any leather from this at all.


I like this more than I thought I would based on the notes. I probably won't hang on to the decant, just because I can't see it pairing well with scents I already have in my collection, but it is nice.

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