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BPAL Madness!

Nine Ladies Dancing Hair Gloss

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A billow of lime cotton candy, a dribble of absinthe, a few scattered sugar plums, and one squished fig.

This sounded far too fun to pass up, and it is!! All the notes are totally identifiable. Yummy sweet-tart lime (which is the star in this), sweet fruity sugar plums, a dash of absinthe and just a hint of sticky fig. This is a candy lover's dream. If you like lime, you should try this, this is the best lime candy note I have ever smelled. I have no idea if I will ever find occasion to wear this, but it makes me grin from ear to ear and I will be holding onto my little 5ml for times when I feel silly and whimsical.

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Lime, candy, and sugar plums. It's a little more insane and crazy Sugar Plum Fairy, but if you loved SPF as a perfume, give this a whirl as a hair gloss. Fun, sweet, crazy.

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Mmmm.... powdery sweet lime candy, like green skittles. That's what I get first. Reminds me of Bitches Love Unicorns. <3. Then its initial citric acid blast recedes and I get more sugary fruit that seems a bit more magenta. The plum reminds me of Bordello in that it smells syrupy, but I like it here better. I don't get any absinthe.. This is a fun, tangy-tart candy smell on me. It doesn't last very long though. :/


ETA: Actually, it DOES have a good wear length. It's just not real strong. The perfume I was wearing overpowered it, but this morning, I'm still getting whiffs.

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