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BPAL Madness!

Lick It Hair Gloss

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What else could possibly be more lickable at Yuletide? This is a candy cane perfume, minty, sweet and sugared.

(Don’t lick the hair gloss, don’t lick your hair, don’t lick anyone else’s hair.)

Origin: Straight from the Post

Initial thoughts: How many bottles can I afford? This is one of my top five BPAL scents of all time and I have been hoping for a HG version for years.

In the Bottle: Sweet and sugary vanilla mint, just like the original.

On Wet Hair: The mint is STRONG at this stage. Which is fine by me - it helps wake up my brain.

After Blowdrying: Wow, this one seems to have nearly vanished. A little sweet vanilla, a trace of mint. I'm a bit surprised, given how strong it was before.

Verdict: I'll try again and see if it keeps fading in my own hair. On the one hand, I do want it to be a bit stronger. On the other hand, what I have now is subtle enough for the workplace.

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I agree, very strong peppermint at first, but fades to a softer vanilla peppermint. Pretty subtle but it lingers well.

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This came out smelling less sweet than the oil, but settled into my hair as a chilly, refreshing winter scent - exactly what I wanted from it. Unfortunately it was undetectable within an hour.I have to hold my hair to my nose and sniff deeply to even get a ghost of it. That said, I think it still works as a nice "cleanser" when your hair needs to smell a little fresher after being at work or in a bar.

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I neglected to post my review of this when I received it in December.


In the bottle, it's an intense sugary candy cane scent. Both the mint and sugar are really strong.


But in my hair, it's a light hair gloss. I've worn it two days in a row now, once applied to damp hair that I let air dry, and the second day applied to my already dry hair. I was never enveloped in a Lick It cloud, not even when I took a hot shower (where I'm usually hit with a cloud of whatever hair gloss is in my hair before shampooing it away). Even when I held my hair up to my nose, the scent was really faint.


I thought I'd want to hoard this one, but with the little throw it has, I'll probably just stick to the one bottle. I'll have to experiment with spraying it on my clothes as well – maybe the scent will last longer that way.

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