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BPAL Madness!
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Young Edith's Bedroom

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Note: Limited release perfume oil; atmosphere spray review topic located here.

Darkness engulfing a childs collection of dolls and books: beeswax, leather-bound paper, and white gardenias; porcelain and wood, lace and shadow.

Thank you to the lovely who sent me a tester of this special "Atmofume" - you know who you are, and you're awesome. ;)

Wet: Wow. Beautiful. Beeswax and gardenia are prominent. A tiny hint of really creamy leather, if that even makes sense. This is unique, and beautiful.

Dry: The beeswax and gardenia do amp up really strong on me, and get a little overwhelming. I really love the scent though, and will absolutely be getting some of the atmo spray. Not sure I would wear it as perfume though.

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Basically this is a gardenia and wax scent on me. Mmmm! Both these notes start out strong, with the wax backing down first. There are some woody and vanilla notes paying around in here as well. It makes for a very pretty, sexy perfume. (I did not see the movie, but if this is Edith in her youth, she is gonna be one hot mamma!)

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