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BPAL Madness!

Single Note: Stage Blood

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This was surprisingly delightful!


Wet it's cherry, dragon's blood and an intense lemony juiciness. My husband thinks this stage is overwhelming but it made me feel invigorated. It's very bright and tart but becomes gradually less intense through dry down.


Eventually I'm left with a soft dragon's blood with just a kiss of faint cherry and the ghost of citrus past. It's not, in my mind, sexy or complex. Instead it's direct and cheerful. I like it!

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I went through all the reviews, but none of them depict what Stage Blood smells to me,


I get a dusty creamy spicy sweetness out of it. I suspect there's some clove and a dribble of dragon's blood and something else that renders the sweetness. There can't be cherry since cherry smells like almonds. Musk could be thrown in the mix as well, since the base has a musky quality to it.


I'm happy i got this blend since it didn't turn out smelling what i expected it to smell in the first place. Win!

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In the bottle: Those red and orange gummy worms!!! cherry/lemon 

Wet on skin: Sexy cherry and dragon's blood inscence (I hope it stays just like this) 

Dry on skin (after about five minutes; it did not stay like the above, unfortunately.) Dragon's blood resin, almost a dusty/powdery smell and a slight cherry behind it. It's really quite evocative of stage blood, reminds me of my theatre dresser days cleaning it off of actors costumes. I'm not crazy about it right now but we'll see how it wears during the day. 

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