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BPAL Madness!

The Last Unicorn

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Frosty lilac petals, iris pallida root, orris, violet leaf, white chocolate, coconut, wild lettuce, white sandalwood, and oakmoss.

I bought this as a full bottle on my birthday from a wonderful, amazing forum member, who dug it out of her personal collection for me (and I'm not going to say how much it cost, lol! Let's just say, it was worth it!) It arrived today, and of course I put a drop on immediately to try. I've had The Last Unicorn imp pack I for a long time, in fact it was my first introduction to BPAL a few years back, but I've always wanted to try this scent in particular since it wasn't in that pack, and obviously it's the BIG ONE for the series![/font][/color]

First Sniff Impression: Oooh, this is going to be complex and amazing!

Wet in Vial: White chocolate for sure, and something nutty like hazelnut. It must be the coconut, but it's definitely more a "nut" smell than coconut's signature sweetness.

Drying Down on Skin: I can mostly smell the warmness of the white chocolate and the coconut "nuttiness." There's definitely a floral there as well, though I can't pick out lilac specifically. It might be the iris. It's warm and cool at the same time. The coolness makes me think this would "lead in" to Lady Amalthea very smoothly (since I feel given the story, the two scents should be very closely related). This is woodsy without being as literal as some other BPAL scents, like Silence of the Woods. There's no musk listed in this, but it definitely has a light musk quality to it, for me.

Dry on Skin: The various notes in this blend very well together and seem to all "settle in" at about the same time, so dry nothing in particular stands out. What's left is a warm, slightly musky, slightly earthy scent that's very alluring, like you want to chase after it! I could totally imagine a unicorn smelling this this, maybe sleeping on a patch of moss in the sunshine.

--A few hours in, this continued to be SO NICE. I'm really relieved, too, cause for a little while drying down, I was afraid it would end up powdery on me. I think it's the sandalwood in some fragrances that gives me almost a powdery false alarm, since it is kind of a woody, mellow scent. But fortunately, TLU is still warm, sweet, floral, and amazing! I think this would be a good floral for someone to try who doesn't normally "do" florals.

Conclusion: I'm not 100% sure I would've bought a full bottle of this had an imp been available, based on scent alone, but for the sake of CHILDHOOD I'm so glad I have the bottle! The artwork is beautiful, and I do think if I'm in the right mood I'll want to wear the perfume a lot. I might end up liking it even more after several applications, like I did with Lady Amalthea. Hopefully this will end up back in stock on BPAL soon, because it's really such a lovely one!

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The Last Unicorn is definitely my favourite scent. I expected much of it, because The Last Unicorn is my childhood most loved novel. It really stood up and is everything my imagination was hoping for! This scent is sweet, creamy and very pleasing.


Directly from the bottle I smell white chocolate, coconut and maybe some sandalwood.
On the skin:
Wet - the chocolate is dominant. Sweet, but not foody.
Dry - the chocolate isn’t distinguishable anymore, however floral notes are more noticeable. It all blends perfectly together into a floral, sweet, magical scent.


For me is feminine and innocent (not girly, rather more pure and majestic).

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Wet: A lot going on here! White chocolate, lilac, and sandalwood are the most prominent scents to my nose. 


Dry: If the sandalwood is still around, it's incredibly faint; this is mainly a white chocolate and lilac scent. It's a REALLY nice combination; a sweet, almost musky, white chocolate floral. Even though the white chocolate is a main player, it doesn't read as a foodie scent to me.


Really, really pretty. This is the type of floral scent I enjoy!

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A very lovely forumite saw this on my ISO list and sold it to me, for which I am incredibly grateful. The Last Unicorn novel had a big impact on me and influenced the kind of stories I like to write. That, in addition to the alluring scent list, made me want to try this so badly from the moment I discovered BPAL. 


Anyway, the scent itself did not disappoint. I adore coconut, oakmoss, chocolate, and lilac, and having all these scents so well blended makes for an earthy yet ethereal scent. The oakmoss and lettuce ground the sweeter notes and give it a forest-y vibe. The coconut and chocolate are sweet upon application but dry down to meld with the grounding notes. The florals complete the scent, making it ethereal and mysterious. It doesn't have a strong throw on me, but it has good longevity and I can't stop huffing my wrists. 


I really hope this returns to the GC someday so I can buy a backup bottle (and omg, imagine it as a hair gloss), and so everyone has the opportunity to try this magical scent. 


ETA: Similar scents include Jareth (has the same lovely lilac note) and Snow White (for the coconut). 

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In the imp, the chocolate and lilac jump out at me. Once applied, the chocolate disappears almost immediately, and the other notes start to amp up, especially the oakmoss, wild lettuce, and violet leaf. The lilac's still there, but it's understated among a series of light, delicate green notes, with the orris giving it a slight powdery note. I never do pick up the coconut. Overall impression after drydown is delicate florals and greens. 

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