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BPAL Madness!

Dragon's Milk

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Color me surprised that I haven't reviewed this yet. 


In the imp: Yep, dragon's blood and honeyed vanilla. While there is a honey tang to the vanilla note, it's not overwhelming as I know honey can be for some. 


On my skin:


Wet, it's dragon's blood and honey. I hope my skin doesn't eat the vanilla as it likes to do. As it dries, the honey dials way back, and the vanilla comes out a bit -- and then the dragon's blood takes over. The vanilla is rounding it out, keeping it softer than straight dragon's blood is on me, but the DB is the showcased note at this point. 


After that, it stays pretty true. This is a lightened, sweetened dragon's blood on me. Previous reviewers' comparisons to Snake Oil don't ring true for my skin chemistry. It's pretty and very wearable, but I don't quite like DB enough to wear this regularly. 

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Both in the imp and on, I get mostly a honeyed vanilla cream, with just a hint of dragon's blood. After drydown, the dragon's blood gets more noticeable, but this stays primarily a honey-vanilla scent to my nose. Pleasant enough, and definitely wearable if you're looking for a lighter take on dragon's blood, but not something I necessarily need a full bottle of.

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