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BPAL Madness!

The Feast For The Greatly Revered Ones

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Cacao mixed with ground maize, agave wine, and octli, mixed with herbs and spices native to central Mexico.

Dunno how I managed to skip reviewing this! It doesn't get a lot of wear from me because it's SO darn strong and a very unique scent-- I need to be in the right mood for it, but it is truly amazing. On my skin it's a deep boozy.. and insanely sweet, cacao. DARK oil, likely the darkest I've experienced from BPAL and it definitely requires mixing pre-application. Lasts and lasts with loads of throw. Evokes hot fall nights of celebration :D

ETA: scent description Edited by MCS4096

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In the bottle, I get the ground maize, but with the wine it becomes a fermented kind of smell, and I definitely get the cocoa.


Putting it on, that all kind of goes away, though.


On my skin, it's very much cinnamon like the cinnamon of Red Hots--I think that's the sweetness of the wine. Not much else. As it dries, a subtle fruitiness emerges, but it's still mostly cinnamon. It's like floating a cinnamon stick and some orange slices in boiling water on the stove to scent the house.

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I've noticed while traipsing through reviews that there are a lot of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE scents that I've never officially reviewed. I just start wearing them without reviewing them, and eventually forget that I haven't done it yet, I guess.


The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones is a victim of this trend. I've been wearing it ever since I first received it last year; I especially lust after it when it's cold out. This oil has bits of sediment and MUST be rolled before application. It smells like a really complex, possibly spiked spiced hot chocolate in the bottle.


On me the spices and cocoa amp at first, but the blend eventually settles down to something that reminds me of spiced cocoa and apple cider, but it's a lot deeper/darker -- in a foody way, I mean -- than I'm making it sound.


I love it so very hard.

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Decant as lagniappe. :wub:


Preconceived notions:


Sounds similar to Centzon Totochtin to me. And maybe a bit like Calaveras, depending on what spices we're talking about (hot, spicy spices or something more like cinnamon instead...I'm not sure what spices are native to central Mexico). I'm really wondering about the maize note in this. That's a new one for me, I think. Could be good or bad...or neutral, really.


First sniff:


In the imp, it does, indeed, smell like a relative of Centzon Totochtin. Cocoa, fruit and spice. But I'm getting more spices in this. They're not hot, spicy spices. I'm not sure what they are, but they make me think of cinnamon and clove, pepper and allspice. They're baking spices, not cooking spices. I smell the wine here, too, but it's a bit fainter than in Centzon. It's almost berry-like and tart. I could be convinced that it's some sort of tart berry rather than wine at this point.


Wet on skin:


As soon as this hits my skin, the wine note instantly jumps to the top, although I still get chocolate and spice. It's indeed a very tart, berry-like wine, but definitely alcoholic (or fermented, take your pick) at this point. It's very similar to Centzon Totochtin at this point (and nothing like Calaveras, other than the shared cocoa note), but this is more tart. Wine notes are iffy at best on me most of the time, but this one seems to work, probably because of the tartness. It's almost like cranberry or unripe raspberries.


Dry down:


The wine note continues to dominate as The Feast For the Greatly Revered Ones dries, but the cocoa and spices still manage to make themselves known. Honestly, it's stronger on the wine than I'd really like, although I do like the sourness of it. It still smells like unripe berries or cranberry, but with that very unique "wine" smell to it that I find so hard to describe. The maize never does make an appearance here, which disappoints me a little. I was looking forward to smelling it in a perfume.


The bottom line:


I like this in the imp and it's nice enough on me, but not really my sort of scent. I'm not a big fan of the smell of wine (although I love most other boozy notes, with the exception of gin), so that kind of kills it for me. I do like the "Mexican hot chocolate" vibe I get from the rest of this, though. I'll most likely hold onto my decant, but I won't be needing a bottle of this.

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This was the very first bottle purchase I made, I hadn't known about decant circles, and this sounded so nice to me that I had to try it.


Looking at the scent notes now, after learning what does and doesn't work for me, I probably wouldn't even try this one, but its one of those miracle scents. (And one of only a few chocolatey scents that don't turn rancid with my skin chemisty!)


Dry down, I get a warm, sweet, almost heavy scent. It doesn't have a lot of throw, just snuggles in close to me. I can't really tell which notes are coming out to play much, I think most of the sweetness is coming from the wine, but its not a boozy scent. Its aged beautifully, and I'm really glad I bought a bottle when it was released.

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I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. I've bought so many bottles. This is incredibly unisex and super well-balanced. Although the sweetness could turn away some more masculine noses. My husband adores it, and it smells amazing on him. I couldn't pick out one note very easily. And I love how this smells different on everyone.


Chocolate and wine are the most apparent while it's wet. Cinnamon starts to eek out. I could even see it having that yeasty, fermented quality that spilled beer has after it starts to dry. But, you get close to the skin, and there's so much nuance in the spices and depth with the octli.


This hits me the same way that Dark Chocolate with Merlot-Infused Black Cherries and Star Anise hits my nose. There's the wine note which comes across as very sexy and dreamy, backed up by chocolate which is grounding. The spices make it entirely too enchanting. Feast can even end up leaning slightly smokey, chewy tobacco side on the right skin chemistry.

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