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BPAL Madness!

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Creosote, coal, and industrial waste.




I wanted to love this I really did.

Much like the middle aged food blogger I aspire to be this review has a story. I grew up in Seattle, sometime between the gentrification and the tech companies moving in. A few blocks from my house was a park called Gasworks park, a sprawling green park on the edge of the Puget sound, with large brown tanks and pipes bursting from the grounds of the old gasworks. It was basically a tar pit covered up and turned into a park. The tanks themselves as well as areas where the tar bubbled up were gated off, but I can still remember the heavy tar and gasoline and industrial smell even though it's been easily a decade since I was last there. I was hoping for that smell in a bottle. Instead the imp I got smells of foul burning pine. Which would be fine if it didn't absolutely choke the air around me, and stay there for hours. On me it smells like one of those open 365 day christmas stores, but after it has burned to the ground. The pine completely blocks my sinuses, and something underneath is sickly and cloying upon drydown. Maybe it works for some, but my body chemistry turns this into absolute rubbish. If you are in any way sensitive to pine or fir trees avoid this like the plague.

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Goes on gritty and smokey. Charred woods and spices, probably vetiver. But then it morphs wildly into an almost foody scorched nutty caramel scent. 

I like this a lot for the "interesting" factor, but it's a bit much to really love.

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