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Tulips, peony, fresh flowing water and crisp green grasses.


Amsterdam reminds me very much of a Bath and Body Works lotion from the 90s... one of those beautiful fresh aquatic ones they discontinued. I get the flowing water and grasses so much and then the florals come out... definitely takes me back in time to my teens!

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Wet: Wet flowers. It's more like the leaves of the flowers than the flowers themselves, if that makes sense.


Dry: Ah, as I expected... soapy flowers and leaves.


I like some aquatic scents, but aquatic + flowers generally mean death on my skin. :ugh:

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I'm working with an old imp that has been stored in a cool dark place.


A light floral, with just a hint of water and greenery. Smooth and subtle, this would be a good one for work. I don't identify any specific note. That could be due to the marrying of the notes with age, or because I don't know what tulips or peonies smell like. Which is odd, because I've got tulips planted in my yard! I've never noticed any scent from them. I have to remember to get up close and personal with them when they bloom again next spring.


Many hours later: As light as this is, I am surprised at how long it has lasted. The fragrance is faint, but still discernable. And without a trace of plastic or powder. Yep, perfect for the office.


My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. It might be higher with a fresh bottle. Or not. I'll have to try one to see.



Fresh frimp straight from the Lab.


In the imp: Flowers (I can't tell the tulips from the peonies, I'm not familiar with either scent), aquatic, a green note that is herbal rather than grassy to me. Not the like the grassy notes I love in some of the Mad Tea Party oils, but this is a nice green too. All the notes are present and accounted for! Very bright and light-feeling.



On me, wet: Very aquatic, which nearly always smells like men's cologne to me. The flowers are lovely, though. I don't get as much green as I did in the imp.


At 5 minutes: The sharp/bright/aquatic/men's-cologne aspect is gone already. I miss the water and the brightness, but not the men's cologne. But I guess I can't have one (or two) without the other. Only the florals remain.


At 10 minutes: It's totally a rather unusual soft floral perfume now. Almost a single note. So pretty, if perhaps a little boring.


At 20 minutes: The florals have lightened, letting the green and watery notes show through again. But this time without so much sharpness and brightness; thus without the men's-cologne. So now it is more complex and interesting again. There's just a tinge of citrus, maybe. Lemon? Not enough to be obnoxious (fruity or like cleaning products.)


At 30 minutes: The lemon note is a little stronger. Otherwise everything is the same.


At 1 hour: No further changes.


At 2 hours: It first went very plastic, and now is virtually gone.


Verdict: A light, bright, spring floral perfume that is a bit different. Yes, I do like the fresh imp much better than the aged. You get more of the aquatic and green notes, which makes it brighter and more interesting.


4 stars out of 6

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Wet: I am presented to fresh cut flowers. Reminiscent of walking into a flower shop or springtime plant nursery. Layered on top of this I feel as though I am sitting near a creek of clean flowing water  with thick and soft blades of grass. The water is cool and crisp to the posing that I want to sip it while basking in the freshly cut flowers nearby. 


The throw is short on me. Rather close to the skin. 


Dry: The flowers take over the longer they sit with me. Soft, blooming flowers. While I was able to get a little if the grass by the creek when wet, I only pick up a bit of the clean water misting the flower petals now. The grass is not just a fading thing that once tried to lull me. 


The throw remains close to the skin after less than an hour is wear. 


Final thoughts: I do like this scent as a floral with some aquatics. It is bright, soft and refreshing. This makes me long for the springtime bursting with life. 


I do. It believe this is a scent I would wear only occasional while at home on the weekend. A modest imp is plenty for me.

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Fresh this is very sweet, clean, and watery, smells a bit like the plumeria in Dirty. As it dries it becomes more about the water, darker and the slightest bit salty. Lots of grassy greens notes with a refreshing bitterness. Gets a bit intense for a moment, almost soapy. As it settles further it lightens up a bit, gets breezier with some light springy florals. 

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