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  1. crimson_vampire

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Oh boy, it's been a while since i've been here... I'm so sorry for not responding earlier 😅 Thank you so much for the detailed repost, i will definetly save those and check them one after another. I also just got my latest package from the labs and funnily ordered a bottle of Sugar Plum Snake Oil, because i thought "Sugar Plum? That sounds great!" ... well, so far i'm not a fan either, because it's indeed too sweet, so Bordello might be too sweet as well. But then again i got the bottle only a few days ago and i should give it a good rest before bringing in a verdict 😄 Thanks to your recommendation i ordered a bottle of Mme. Moriarty and i'm having a look at the other CD scents as well, because i love the dark circus theme 😍
  2. crimson_vampire

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Hello everybody, i'm rather new to Bpal and i haven't tested a lot yet, but i do love some scents already and was wondering, if you can see a pattern and maybe recommend similar ones? (I should mention, i do have at least 40 imps by now and round about 23 bottles, but i tend to go save and prefer to use my favorites... i don't know, i just love routines) My favorites are (so far): • Vampire Princess • To a dead friend • Philopannyx • Blood Popsicle • A savage veil severe and strong I also love Love makes Monsters of us all, because of the dry dusty scent. It smells like an old building (not moldy and wet, tho) and it's really soothing. I like/love a lot of scents (Le Lethe ♥, Satyr, Rapture, Mouth so sweet, Theodosius, Illustrated Woman, Mother Ghost, ...) but i tend to grad To A Dead Friend a lot more somehow. As far as dislikes i really can't stand: • Laura (i dislike everything. The strawberry. The mothballs. The whole Laura.) • The elephant is slow to mate (depends. mostly it smells warm and salty... gross. i did try it during my period, tho and i liked it a lot more then) • Sugar Cookie Snake Oil (it's too aromatic, i guess. Maybe it'll set with time, but i seem to dislike "Sugar Cookie" in general. Not a huge food-fan) I appreciate any recommendations ♥