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  1. ComicCreep

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    You were spot on, I got to try Alisz and love it!
  2. ComicCreep


    Hoggle smells like a classic biker gang stopped at IHOP for all you can eat pancakes on a crisp autumn morning. Crisp leather and pumpkin syrup
  3. I loved Pere Noel, any suggestions for a Similar GC? On Christmas Eve, French children leave shoes filled with carrots by their fireplaces as a treat for Gui, Père Noëls donkey. If the child has been good, Père Noël takes Guis offering and fills the childs shoes with sweet fruits, candies, and small toys. Bright Sicilian oranges and sweet tangerines with a clink of lavender candy and a drop of anise
  4. ComicCreep

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I just started delving deeply into bpal, making spreadsheets and really going through the site directory after I had lost my scent for a while last year from Covid… I’m shocked how depressed I became because of it. Scent really does add a lot of joy to my life apparently! Luckily my sense of smell came back, but different. I’ve been re-training my nose ever sense. My current top five are Thorns clove cigarette Eat me Green tree viper Goblin cider Sweets to the sweet I love a sweet mint, autumnal spices, a good sugary foody scent, and also some smoky incense/amber/resin. Any suggestions would be lovely 😊
  5. ComicCreep

    Magnolia scent?

    I just ordered an imp of jazz funeral to try
  6. ComicCreep

    Mad Hatter

    Here goes my first review- I got this as a frimp and let it sit around a while before actually trying it. And I absolutely love it. it smells like a warm peppermint tea. I love mint and hate lavender but the pennyroyal definitely is the stand out note. unfortunately on dry down it does fade quite a bit. I’ll get a ghost whiff throughout the day at work that perks me back up, it’s like the ghost of green tree viper to me. since it isn’t super heavy I think it’s lovely as a daily light spring or summer scent.
  7. ComicCreep

    Magnolia scent?

    I love the smell of Magnolia, anyone have a scent to recommend that makes you feel like your in downtown southern Savannah with all the magnolias in bloom?
  8. ComicCreep

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    My husband is very into layering his scents but some scents he likes on their own are: Calico Jack Crowley Fuck you says the Raven Djinn Zombi he also likes to layer with Dorian
  9. Pumpkin brittle was my first atmosphere spray by bpal and I’ve been dying to find something similar since I just ran out. A great foodie spiced Halloween scent Pumpkin brittle with cinnamon, toffee, and pepitas.