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BPAL Madness!

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I really took a gamble on this because metallic scents are usually awful on me but it was a small decant and since it's hair gloss, my rationale was,  if it doesn't work out,  I'll scent my laundry with it..


Well, it worked.  This is the lovely shining gold note (accord,  I presume) from The Imperator [Tarot: The Emperor series ] , I think.  If not, they're kissing cousins.  It smells like, a crown of shining gold light.  With maybe some bay and crimson musk.  But take that with a large grain of salt because I'm shite at guessing notes.  But I can throw adjectives at you all day; this smells like Apollo's golden boy, a white knight,  expensive without being flashy, regal, sunlight reflected on water.  It's a bit more virile than I tend to wear and not for those who prefer their scents on the traditionally femme side of the spectrum but I'm wearing it this summer.   Should pair well with Sportive Sun or any of the Emperor's scents.  I think also with Anthony or Titus Andronicus. 



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Shining gold, spice, and just a touch of blood. This smells like a crown that is spiky enough to use to defend yourself against any attackers. It's golden, warm metal, and deadly. LOVE IT.


Mr. zee_zee told me I smelled dangerous.

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