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  1. deadlyves

    Vintage Snowman Blow Mold

    I get mostly spruce. Spruce tinted by other things, particularly the amber that rounds it out, but mostly spruce nonetheless. I don't get plastic, which is a good thing in my book.
  2. Very warm, hay is strongest when wet but calms down with dry down to let the tobacco flower come through and make it softer. There's a gentle cinnamon spice to this, not sharp though. Hay and spice always reads a bit like oatmeal cookie to me, but the tobacco flower moves it away from that direction. This is a really interesting blend! Its like hay and spice from Hay Moon but with a bit of tobacco flower of Zorya P.
  3. deadlyves

    Black Rose, Nutmeg, and Smoked Amber

    A spicy, warm, slightly sweet rose. Keeps shifting on if the amber or the rose is more forward, the nutmeg continuously providing some spice. The amber is giving it a rich body even when the rose is the most prominent.
  4. deadlyves

    The Hound and the White Milk Doe

    This is a really pleasant blend that I think successfully balances the duality of the concept. First, there is a milky white sweetness made up of the jasmine and coconut milk. The jasmine was more notable when I first put it on, but it blends equally with everything once it dries and isn't terribly strong. I like jasmine and don't amp it, though, so YMMV. The warmer notes come out more and more the longer the wear. It's a toasty dry sandalwood and cardamom, almost smoky. The sweet creaminess and floral touch are still present, though. I don't pick out the rosewater, and I've yet to learn how to identify labdanum. Liquidambar is new to me, so not sure how it is showing up either. Overall, this is another hit. I think it'll be a great pick for all year round.
  5. deadlyves

    An Autumn Stroll for a Pumpkin Man

    The only Weenie I blind bottled this year and it was a good choice. Its very autumn evening atmospheric, a bit dark and fairly dry. I don't get leaves out of it (bummer for me, but maybe a good thing for others), but the rum and tobacco from the smoke and a hint of pumpkin come through. At first, it was hard to pull the notes aside from the tobacco because its very well blended. The rum isn't super boozy, and the blend has a very slight sweetness. It feels like its in the same family as Everyday is Halloween or Morrocan Pumpkin but much less sweet than either of the two. I loved the concept for the nightmare novellas, and this blend lives up to what I hoped it would be!
  6. deadlyves

    Rest and Play

    This bounces between the wood and cinders on me. The smoke is slightly sweet. Together the two remind me of some church blends. I get a little bit of a musky fur, but not much. Its a very warm cozy scent appropriate for the painting and will probably be a great fit for the cooler months. Editing to add: no lemon here, which is a very good thing for me.
  7. deadlyves

    Lycanthrope for Your Life

    I get a rich, dark fig marshmallow with honey. I'd agree that it's not a floral honey. I also tend to amp honey, but don't have that problem with this one. I'm not picking up on much whiskey, but maybe a little bit of the cardamom. While I don't get much cream in terms of a scent note, this overall has a creamy feel to it as opposed to something chewy if that makes sense. This is a rich little decadent dessert.
  8. deadlyves

    Meadow Elves

    I have a similar experience as doomsday_disco, except the grassy strawberry phase doesn't get lost in the drydown for me. Meadow Elves feels to me like a cousin to Strawberry Moon - the strawberry is toned down significantly and florals are thrown in. I don't get the crab apples, at least not that I can identify. Its mostly a rich grassy floral with a touch of that strawberry. It's really gorgeous!
  9. deadlyves

    Black Wooden Goat

    I get mostly goats milk with a woodsy, spicy sweetness from the tobacco and oak. The tobacco comes out more as it dries, but it stays stronger on the creamy, slightly tangy goats milk for me throughout wear. Not quite as darkened as I expected, but still getting all the notes. Pretty straightforward, pretty dang cozy.
  10. deadlyves

    Murder Peel

    Okay I got a decant of this for the novelty but... holy cow... This is great!! In the bottle, its all banana, which is pretty standard for banana scents anyway. While wet, its this lovely, creamy, fruity smoothie but the frankincense and orange blossom bring it into the perfume range rather than foody. As it dries, the tobacco comes out more and warms it up, grounding it further. Its all there, its all balanced, its all wonderful. Highly recommend!
  11. deadlyves


    Equal parts vanilla, tobacco, and sandalwood. The vanilla is light, sheer, and creamy. The sandalwood and tobacco are fairly dry and warm it up. As it wears, it seems to rotate between which of the three is most forward. Very much what it claims to be and very satisfying. Low-medium throw. It was particularly nice on a rainy spring day today.
  12. deadlyves

    I'm Close

    In the bottle and wet on the skin, its all watermelon jolly rancher. It does cut down on the strong candy scent fairly quickly, quieter but still fruity candy. I think the closest thing I can compare it to is watermelon bubblegum? Its got a bit of a powdery sweetness (perfect for a candy heart!) and is definitely fruity, but sort of a non-descript fruity the way that candy can be. Comparing to the super bright smell in the bottle, it feels darker on the skin than I expected, a nice cool red with a powdery sugar coating. I got this for the novelty of the watermelon note thinking it'd be all jolly rancher, but it's much more wearable than I expected and rather pleasant! Definitely a fun one if you like either fruity or sugary scents.
  13. deadlyves

    Gentle Hands

    Warm, sweet, light mango rounded out and balanced with amber. While the mango is more forward in the bottle, both scents are pretty evenly blended into one on the skin. This is a bright yellowy orange, like warm sun on a 75 degree day. I don't get much throw. Also decided to test it next to Rice Milk and Mango which is brighter and cooler I think. Gentle Hands has almost a slight toastiness in comparison because of the amber. I have to say, I really like this! Its so so satisfying in its simplicity.
  14. deadlyves


    Testing from a decant received yesterday. In the bottle, its very strong on the tea, a similar tea to Dad Let Me Do Your Makeup. As soon as it hits the skin, it becomes much woodier and smokier but both are lightweight despite their prominence. As it wears, the tea comes back and balances with the smoky cedar to become surprisingly clean and light. Im not getting particularly strong Jasmine.
  15. deadlyves

    Merry Owls on Velocipedes and Tricycles

    A warm, cozy floral. Rose is noticeable but gentle at first and blends more with wear. I dont get a lot of snow in a way that I recognize from other blends, but there is a somewhat wintery vibe despite the coziness. It is oddly softly fuzzy, and a very good take on the art that inspired it. This is one of the first scents that feels gray to me, but a light gray with some warm pinkish undertones. I ended up ordering more based off the decant, its a lovely floral, light but cozy nonetheless.