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    Favorite Notes: Fruits of all kinds, vanilla, honey, sweet and yummy like marshmallows, frankincense, myrrh, dragon's blood incenses, earthy, grass or natural outdoorsy scents, Spices like cinnamon or clove or lavender. Favorite Scents: Dragon's Blood, Blacklight-Reactive Poster, Dragon Smooch, Irish Coffee Buttercream, 2016 Honeyed Apple, Bobbing For Apples, Wrath, Bliss, Rubber Chicken, King Cake

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    I'm a bone jewelry maker (willing to barter my jewelry pieces for vials, decants or imps), Skull and Taxidermy Collector, Animal Spiritualist, a Practitioner and Student of Shamanism, a Snake Mother (I have 4 gorgeous colubrids), Gamer and Freelance Illustrative Artist.
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  1. DarkMagelet

    Boney Was a Warrior

    Wet: Stroooong rosemary and oakmoss. For me that's already intimidating because I associate that more with a men's cologne and I'm into scents on the complete opposite of the scent spectrum. Drydown: The rosemary almost disappears for me and it's beginning to smell sweeter. But only a little; maybe that's the almond coming through. I still smell that oakmoss blasting to the forefront though and while it has a hint of floral, I still associate that with a masculine scent and I'm not really feeling it so far. I'm coming to think this could be an excellent scent for attending a Ren Faire though! 2 Hours Dry: It definitely has a long wear, I'll give it that. It's kept the spice-like, musky oakmoss scent the entire time and I smell very little of anything else at this point. I *really* wanted to like this one as I feel like I always buy foody and sweet incense scents so I wanted to try something different for a change. I may keep it for a bit to see how it settles, but this might go into my swaps anyhow. Sadface.
  2. DarkMagelet

    Cold Moon 2020

    Strangely enough, I don't get any of the chilled chocolate that others have experienced. It goes on my skin wet like a gooey and warm fudge brownie. Once it dries down a little the chocolate all but disappears and cools to a chilly winter night. After it's dried and I've worn it for a little while I get more of the feeling of walking through an evergreen forest on a snowy evening. I actually love that scent of fresh pine needles, so this one will definitely be a keeper for me. I also enjoy a scent that morphs a lot so I get to enjoy several scents in one wearing. Medium wear and has a good throw when first applied. I'm curious how this one will smell as a DIY room spray.
  3. DarkMagelet

    L337 Skills

    I feel a lot of pressure being the first to give my personal review! As soon as you twist that top off of the bottle: It smells strooooong. At first I made the comparison to fruit punch flavored cough syrup, but I know that's not what people like to associate with something yummy. It's definitely sweet and candylicious though! I'm always drawn more to foody flavors anyhow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will be a keeper. Wet on my skin: Pure bubblegum. It's like I bathed myself in gumballs. I can barely catch a hint of the fruity scent but it's gumballs to the wall otherwise. On the drydown: I'm actually picking up hints of cinnamon and dragons blood. It still has that sugary sweet back tone, I'm just smelling kind of like a Red Hot candy or a cinnamon bear instead of a bubblegum ball. It doesn't seem to have much throw, I asked the fiance if he could smell it sitting nearby and he could only catch a hint of sweetness from me. About an hour later: It's barely recognizable at this point; still has the sweet gum smell, but it seems more incense-y than candy now. I was going to update a few hours later but to be honest I'm not even sure it will last that long. It's unfortunate it doesn't last on my skin because it's definitely a scent I can dig. I'll most likely keep it to see how it ages, it feels more like a scent that I could wear in the summer on dewy skin, so I'll at least keep a hold of it to try next summer.
  4. DarkMagelet

    Blacklight-Reactive Poster

    I was pretty excited to get this one; I usually dig the "hippie" incense scents so I thought, this one is for me! Fresh in the bottle it has that very acrid cannabis scent (I'm a medical cannabis patient here in California, so I can pick it out). Oh man, does it give me heady nostalgic feelings of growing up near a college town with head shops on every corner. I love it already. On the dry down it's definitely giving me a very sweet incense smell, I'm assuming the nag champa. It's very pleasant on my skin, and has a good throw. The boyfriend could smell it clear across the room. And let me just say this sticks around for a looooooong time. I'm not complaining! I haven't picked up a scent yet that lasted nearly as long as this so far. But I woke up the next day to get my morning shower and it was STILL going. It had died down to a very sweet, almost vanilla patchouli, but it was definitely still there! Overall, I suppose it just has to work with your skin chemistry (I know other posters mentioned a "sweat" smell, I don't get that at all from my skin), and it definitely works for me. I love it and I'm stoked to see how it ages.
  5. DarkMagelet

    In the Wild North

    I'm actually glad I made a blind purchase on this scent, as I was looking for something that reminded me of the smell of my grandmother's pine and bayberry candles during the holidays. That also pretty much sums it up on my skin as well. Wet in the bottle I was having second thoughts about this scent. It's very pine-scented with a slight menthol undertone. Like walking through a spruce forest during winter and watching your breath fog the air. It's a completely different smell once it hits my skin. It actually warms up once I put it on, more like sitting around a Christmas tree inside during the holidays. It becomes sweet with berries on the dry down for me with still that hint of a spruce wreath on your front door. Spruce-y and, what first came to my mind, bayberry. It's relatively subtle, the scent itself doesn't have good throw as I had to walk over to my boyfriend in order for him to really get a good whiff. And it doesn't last very long on me, maybe one or two hours at the most. I suppose it's not for everyone, but I don't really get the soapy artificial scent others are getting. I guess I just got lucky and it works very well with my body chemistry, I'll be whipping this one out for the holiday season for sure.
  6. DarkMagelet

    Honeyed Apple

    I'm going to start out by saying this is one of my favorite scents from BPAL. I was just starting to get obsessed with BPAL's oils around that time, and had to add this one to the collection as soon as I had read about it. Wet in the bottle it's definitely the mouth-watering scent of a caramel-apple lollipop. Almost cloyingly so. After first applying it to my skin it warms up and the honey notes become much more clear. I still smell the apple under there somewhere. Upon the dry down it keeps that syrupy-sweetness to it, but it's not heavy enough to bother me or give me a headache. A lot of other folks have mentioned a clean 'shampoo' smell, but it doesn't come through like that on my skin. After wearing it for an hour or so the apple is barely an undertone but I still smell like sweet, sweet honey. This is a long lasting scent for me, which I don't mind at all. And it carries; the boyfriend walks into the living room after getting home from work, and he always comments how delicious it smells. I need to get another 5ml vial of this, I hope it ages well!
  7. DarkMagelet

    Bobbing for Apples

    I'm a huge apple-scent fan, so I was pretty excited to make this purchase from the Lab and see how it worked with my body chemistry. And I'm so glad I did! Wet in the bottle it's all about the apple. It smells like the fresh scent of just biting into the crisp fruit. it's not as sweet as I first imagined it would smell, but still delicious. After initially placing it on my skin, it develops a 'warmer' scent to it; still not sweet like a Red Delicious but mouth-watering like a Granny Smith. On the cool down after an hour the apple scent actually cools down and it smells more 'clean', like I had just gotten out of the shower after using an apple-scented soap. I actually really enjoy the clean smell, it's calming to me and not overpowering. It doesn't last as long on my skin as some of my other favorite scents but I don't mind reapplying every hour or so; I get to enjoy the variety of scents this oil has to offer.