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  1. blair

    Chestnut Vulva

    warm, spiced cardamom and freshly roasted chestnuts, toasty and nutty with an almost round chewiness to it. the cardamom here is softer than in Perfectly Normal Childhood, and as it dries, i get a hint of brown sugary sweetness that brings out the woody, earthy tones. this is like a cardamom spiced Mont Blanc, subtly sweet and smooth with a hint of spice. nutty, cozy, sweet, yet not quite foodie.
  2. blair

    White Chocolate and Taro Cream

    this one is an absolute delight. the white chocolate is rich and milky, swirled with an almost buttery taro that has the perfect balance of earthy nuttiness and subtle sweetness. though i found the chocolate to be most prominent in the bottle, the taro is what shines through on my skin, which i'm quite pleased about. it's soft and creamy, almost akin to ice cream, like mashed taro blended with condensed milk and lots and lots of cream. to me, it's even a bit reminiscent of coconut cream, rich with an almost fatty mouthfeel, yet not overpoweringly heavy thanks to the gentle hint of nuttiness. this is definitely on the sweeter side, much sweeter than Ghost Milk, but if you love BPAL's white chocolate or creamy coconut scents, then this is a must try.
  3. blair

    Beaver Moon 2023

    earthy, smooth matcha swirled with a touch of honey and cream. there's a touch of astringency reminiscent of green tea, but this isn't a sharp, floral matcha at all – it's rich and grounded, with a lovely backing of soft, creamy vanilla. the cheesecake is missing that characteristic tanginess, and it reads more like a matcha sponge cake to my nose, subtly sweetened with whipped golden honey and layers of vanilla cream. the cake is dense and moist, with a delicate crumb and a beautifully rich earthiness from the matcha. good throw and longevity, this is a must-try for both foodie and matcha lovers.
  4. blair

    Oatmeal, Rose Petals, and Sugar

    soft sugared rose, floral and perfume-y but gets slightly jammier with wear. it's subtle and gentle, not too heady nor powdery with a hint of creaminess that emerges on the drydown. i don't get any of the oatmeal in this, which i had hoped to be the centerpiece of the scent, but on me, this is all pink, sugar-dusted rose petals. moderate throw and average longevity, with soft wafts of sweet rose lingering for a good couple hours.
  5. blair


    thick, buttery, slow-cooked oats topped with sweet vanilla cream and a drizzle of sticky golden honey. the cardamom is soft and cozy, adding a gentle touch of spice that complements the vanillic, creamy oats beautifully. this one is absolutely gorgeous, like a hearty and comforting winter breakfast. grainy, carby indulgence with the perfect amount of honeyed sweetness and warm, toasty kitchen-spice.
  6. blair

    Lavender Rosemary Baguette

    this is absolutely unreal. the baguette is fresh out of the oven, warm and crusty with a crunchy exterior, sprinkled with fragrant rosemary and herbaceous lavender and finished off with a dash of flaky sea salt. it's herby, yeasty, savory, carby goodness, becoming fluffier and more buttery as it dries, almost like breaking off a piece of bread to get to that pillowy soft interior. the lavender remains present throughout wear, mingling with the aromatic rosemary for a delicious herbal blend that's just a touch floral, complementing the overall foodiness of this blend. i can't get enough of this one, and will be picking up a bottle to slather on immediately.
  7. blair

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    soft, fluffy lavender with sweet, whipped coconut cream and a hint of shortbread crust. the coconut is very lightly toasted, and there’s a sprinkle of salt in the crust, making this slightly reminiscent of lavender rosemary baguette. the lavender here is demure but present, not as herbal as some of the other lavender kitchen blends, but still lending a wonderful aromatic quality to the subtly nutty coconut. reminiscent of lilith's gorgeous lav, dreamy and ethereal with an absolutely perfect pie crust note. a soft foodie lavender with average throw and longevity, overall quite lovely.
  8. blair


    wet, i'm getting lots of soft, creamy pistachio gelato with maraschino cherry and a swirl of chocolate. as it dries, the sweetness of the cherry emerges, complementing the bright nuttiness of the pistachio, which becomes toasty and slightly salty. the chocolate lingers in the background, and at this stage, it resembles a chocolate covered cherry rolled in crushed roasted pistachios. the cherry fades eventually, becoming a lightly salted pistachio ice cream dotted with milk chocolate chips and topped with a single bright red cherry. milky, soft, foodie, with average throw and staying power. this is quite delightful, and rather delicious.
  9. blair

    The Picture of Dorian Sufganiyot

    as a dorian & gourmand lover, i had to grab a bottle of this, and i have no regrets! i do believe that, dare i say, i might prefer this over dorian itself! to me, this is a gorgeous vanilla tea with a squeeze of lemon, sweeter and softer than the original, with wafts of powdered sugar and vanilla buttercream. the pastry is subtle but present, adding a chewy roundness that isn't too gourmand, thanks to the undercurrent of musk. as it wears, it becomes sweeter and more blended as the notes melt into one another, and i get alternating whiffs of lemony vanilla tea and sugary fried dough, akin to a pillowy soft sufganiyot topped with a lemon tea vanilla glaze. if dorian is the sophisticated, put-together picture of elegance, this is dorian on her day off, curled up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a sugar-dusted fried doughnut, and a hot cup of tea.
  10. blair

    Senator Barrial

    mounds upon mounds of vanilla buttercream frosting atop a soft, spongey red velvet cake. i definitely get more frosting than cake, with a generous helping of sprinkles. the red velvet cake is delightful, with a touch of powdery cocoa and a fluffy, moist crumb that complements the richness of the buttercream wonderfully. this is as close to a cupcakes-and-frosting scent as it gets, a true no-frills gourmand that isn't tooth-achingly sweet. simple and delicious!
  11. blair

    Lavender Earl Grey Cookies

    up front, i get lots of dry, herbaceous lavender, fading into a soft, fluffy bergamot-heavy earl grey. it's not too astringent nor perfume-y, like a freshly brewed cup of earl grey tea infused with lavender buds. after about an hour, the warm, chewy sugar cookie note emerges, a lovely complement to the floral, slightly sweet bergamot. these cookies are soft and cakey with a hint of vanilla frosting, yet i don't find this to be a cloyingly sweet foodie scent at all. to me, this is almost all bergamot, quite reminiscent of dad! let me do your make up, supported by a kiss of dried lavender and freshly baked sugar cookies. it has the perfect amount of fluffy, airy sweetness, backed by that delightful cakey cookie which gives it a chewy roundness without veering into full-on gourmand territory. so in love with this one, am considering a backup.
  12. blair

    Lavender Honey Cake

    this is a soft and gorgeous lavender, both floral and herbaceous, blended with a dense yet fluffy honey cake. the opening is all lavender, and it reminds me a lot of lilith’s lav, gentle and aromatic without being sharp or medicinal at all. as it wears, the cake note emerges, lightly sweetened with a touch of golden honey. there’s a warm, rich stickiness to it, yet i don’t find the honey overpowering nor cloying, and the cake remains light and airy, reminiscent of a honey-soaked sponge cake. soft and subtle scent with medium throw, gourmand without being overly foodie. love love love!
  13. blair

    Gingerbread Milk

    up front, i'm getting lots of bready, almost savory cookie with just a hint of ginger & warming spices. i can barely detect a subtle molasses note adding a tinge of sweetness, but this is not a sweet scent at all; to me, this is a warm, freshly baked gingerbread cookie, not yet iced. at first, the gingerbread is crisp and brown around the edges, a thinner cookie, if you will. however, as it wears, it softens into a chewier, doughier cookie, with a cakey roundness to it. if you like a very spicy gingerbread scent, this one may not be for you, but i prefer my gingerbread light on the ginger and heavy on the bread, so this is a winner for me!
  14. blair

    Lick it With Consent 2023

    oo, this is such a crisp, fresh peppermint, the kind that tickles at your nose with a delightfully minty bite. there's just enough sweetness here to steer it away from toothpaste territory, but instead of the buttery vanilla of snowblind, it's sweetened by crunchy sugar crystals. this is my first lick it variant, so i can't compare it to any of the others, but i find this akin to an after dinner mint; sweeter than a breath mint, but not quite as sugary as a candy cane. good throw and longevity, and i can see myself using this quite often to add a minty freshness to other scents.
  15. blair

    Beaver Moon 2005

    beaverversary (2008) in the bottle, this is a deliciously creamy cheesecake with a bit of a tang, almost akin to a hint of lemon or citrus. the initial tartness quickly fades, making way for the most divine fluffy vanilla cake, complemented by the rich creaminess of the cheesecake. as it dries, i can begin to detect hints of graham cracker crust, and there's a doughy, cakey quality to the cupcake note, all the way down to the flour. this is a gourmand lover's heaven; piles of spongey vanilla cupcakes frosted with mounds of buttercream, and thick slices of rich, almost buttery vanilla bean cheesecake atop a graham cracker crust. despite the overwhelming amount of decadent gourmand notes, i don't find this to be overly heavy nor cloying at all. the tangy, slightly citrusy top note provides a lovely brightness during the wet stage that contrasts the lusciously indulgent cheesecake, whereas the drydown is a pure cloud of creamy, cakey vanilla frosting graham cracker goodness. good throw as well, my skin eats oils but i'm getting delicious wafts of cream cheese frosted cupcakes without having to huff my wrist. one of my favorite bpal scents, so delicious and edible that it makes me want to eat my arm every time. yum!