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  1. Naomi Kelsey


    Oh god I knew I would love this! A blast of sweet citrus with a pink flavor. It dries down to a creamy sugar with a pink edge that I just love! All the Mad Tea Party scent have been a yes for me. This has a slight High Strung Daisies feel to it, but softer and more creamy.
  2. Naomi Kelsey

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Straight out of the bottle: sharp, bright, sweet citrus--pink grapefruit, yuzu, lime type thing with a bubbly edge, and a slight hint of mint and orange. The chocolate peeks out a bit as it dries down. A very refreshing scent that would be a pick me up on a slow day or a perfect scent for long languid warm days.
  3. Naomi Kelsey

    Port Royal

    There's some BPAL note that goes "aloe diaper lotion" on me (it was in Lilith and the Jaraco, too, and in Sea Rat--maybe it's salt air combined with spices?-- sadly) and I'm not sure what it is---maybe the "booze" note? I can faintly smell wood and spices beneath a powerful blast of aloe-scented diaper cream, but I'll be darned if I can smell anything else!
  4. Naomi Kelsey

    Juke Joint

    A smoky, sharp, minty brown sugar boozy smell. The mint is not peppermint, it really is a fresh, green mint. For me the mint overpowers the other scents but it's fresh and sugary.
  5. Naomi Kelsey

    The Red Rider

    This is one of the more unusual BPAL-s that I've smelled. On me (I amp leather) it smells like the inside of an expensive purse or the binding of an old book. It has an airy, dry, skeletal feeling that is unlike any other perfume I've ever encountered. I've often been jealous of other reviewers who say that they have uncanny experiences when trying perfumes, but this is one--it's so accurate, it's eerie. It's got a buttery, expensive leather scent with a hint of wood. Lovely.
  6. Naomi Kelsey

    Lilith and the Jarocho

    Jasmine up front, then a very odd middle stage that smells like A&D cream, then a nicer dry down that's lightly musky, creamy, and floral with a mentholated edge. I've noticed one other scent that does this diaper cream thing on me and I suspect it might be carnation (?) because it's like a peppery mentholated numbing cream. Not bad per se, (in the middle) but I much prefer the dry down. It smells like an experience---bodies, motion, flowers, drinks....everything at once. Nice, although not something I'd reach for every day.
  7. Naomi Kelsey

    Full Moon

    Wet, this has a candied ginger, almost grapefruit aspect. It's light, sparkling, and fresh. The dry down is exquisite. Expensive, delicate powdery floral with green notes (must be the neroli). A very dainty and feminine scent without being girly or precious. I am really loving the Fluerette's fragrances so far and might have to try more.
  8. Naomi Kelsey

    Shrunken Heads

    This smells exactly like the inside of a society lady's purse, circa 1965 or so. Expensive leather, a whiff of hand cream or scented lipstick, and that buttery, yet somehow crisp leather note. Very unique--not at all what I would normally wear but I think I'm about to go on a search for a bottle because it's so cool. As other reviewers noted, this is very different, even for BPAL.
  9. Naomi Kelsey

    L'Heure Verte

    On me, this is a sophisticated older aunt of a fragrance---an Auntie Mame, if you will. The rosewater and lilac notes combine with the sugar and absinthe notes to create a very sweet yet dry, slightly powdery "old lady candy" (in the best possible way) scent. I love it! It's not for everyone, but it's like a story told by an older relative you never knew had a wild side. Light, sweet, floral, old fashioned, with a slight sting to it. 5 out of 5 (but for sure not a crowdpleaser)
  10. Naomi Kelsey

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Wow, I LOVE this. A strong blast of sweet sugary grapefruit with a slight woody/vanilla top note, surrounded by leafy, herbal edge. I agree that this is unlike other Lunar scents---it's not floral, delicate, or floating. It's rich, warm, and fruity without being too sweet. Just amazing. 5 out of 5. I've been eyeing this for a while and I'm so glad I got it.
  11. Naomi Kelsey

    Blood Popsicle

    This is one of the more unusual scents I've worn. Rich and smoky, with a very odd drydown--like a freshly sharpened pencil, including the lead---a faintly metallic woodsy smell, but not golden or shining like other BPAL metallics. I can't compare it to anything else I've worn. Intriguing. 4 out of 5 stars.
  12. Naomi Kelsey

    Cascading Blossoms

    White gardenia, frangipani, rose peony, plumeria, and vanilla orchid. On first whiff, straight from the bottle, this was VERY perfumey, in an "Avon fragrance" way. I think it's the peony and plumeria, combined with gardenia that gives it a very feminine, floral edge. Almost old fashioned, and a bit unexpected for BPAL--almost a commercial, traditional fragrance, although with most fashion houses today going to either very aquatic stuff or gourmand fantasies, this harkens back to an earlier age, like that of Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder fragrances. Very feminine and dainty. Dry down is a creamy, refined white floral. Overall, a nice scent, but not one I'm blown away by. A solid 3 out of 5.
  13. Naomi Kelsey


    I can really smell the cloves, fir, and mint. It's a strong, astringent scent but not unpleasant. Slightly woody, smoky dry down. To my nose, a very masculine scent, so not something I would generally go for, but I like it. 3 out of 5. Like, but not enough to buy a bottle.
  14. Naomi Kelsey

    Brood XIX

    This is an unusual scent, and one that takes some getting used to. The hemp note is the one that amps for me--a rough edged green blend with a slightly sweet herbal note. I love hay, almond, and nutty/milky blends and most BPAL scents tend to dry down to a creamy, slightly musky blend on me, but this one retains the dry, sweet young wood notes (like excelsior, a packing material made of wood shavings). This scent seems to bring up very specific associations for me---a warm, sunny barn loft with old wood tools and lots of hay with a field of fresh clover grass outside. Lovely. I don't often bring this into rotation, because it doesn't "go" with my mood very often, but it's a beauty.
  15. Naomi Kelsey


    In the 90's I went to Toronto with my family and saw Sephora for the first time, and they had an in house line of bath products and I bought a little "goblin squirt" of their "honey" and this is EXACTLY what this smells like---rich, deep, honey with a touch of musk and berry. Delightful! I amp honey so it's a good think I like it, because this is very clover-honey-ish. A great festival scent.