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    Le Père Fouettard Liz Inganok Jewelers Rogue Eat Me Mircalla, Countess Karnstein Slather me in red musk, metals, and leather.


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  1. Katillac

    Popcorn Ball Snake Oil

    This reminds me a LOT of a buttery version of Snake Can. And that's exactly what I was hoping for- salty, buttery, sweet with snake oil tying it all together. It's so good, I need to hoard.
  2. Katillac

    Maison En Pain d’Épices

    2018 version: If someone was looking for a less musky version of Flesh Eating Reindeer From Uranus, that's *exactly* what I got from this. I love FERFU, but that sticky preserved neon fruit/stale/musk section of time was not a favorite (although, when settled down it's gorgeous). I'd say that Maison en Pain d'Epices is like a "nicer" FERFU; maybe not flesh eating, or from outer space, but still delicious. Not overly "foodie" on me, but it does amp sugar around the 3-6 hour mark, which isn't unpleasant/overpowering, but it does seem to go more towards a traditional perfume.
  3. Katillac

    Gingerbread and More Ginger

    This reminds me of making fresh gingerbread dough, kneading it out, and then eating the sticky bits off the fingers. It's just pure unadulterated gingerbread and that's what I was hoping for, since I bought it for scent memory purposes. It smells identical to the gingerbread, with fresh ginger, and candied ginger dough me and my grandma would bake every Christmas.
  4. Katillac

    Black and Red Candy Canes

    I also swear that there is a whiff of mint! Wet-1 hour, I can smell everything, and it's glorious. Anise heavy (which I love), clove and opium in the background, and then (moving my arm away from my face) it's just a warmer red musk. I amp red musk (which is okay by me, because I love red musk), but yeah, this just turns into a *slightly* different red musk on me. Which is good for my wallet because that first hour had me wanting to buy multiples to last me forever. For sure going to keep my bottle (and if you amp red musk like I do, it's different enough to be worth a bottle purchase). Love it, but not going to go all Smaug over it.
  5. Katillac

    Blood Popsicle

    Somehow this turned into a jasmine blend on me. A super cool jasmine blend, though. The cold/frozen notes that the lab uses always read floral on me, and this was no exception. It's almost too heady when first applied, but after 5 minutes it's just this glorious jasmine/fruit/copper twang. So glad i picked up two bottles. This is the only "floral" i like.
  6. Katillac

    Womb Furie

    me and Snake Oil are bros. Me and honey notes from BPAL are bros. Me and Womb Furie??? ​I smell like ear wax. ​Exactly like ear wax. With a high throw. All ear wax all the time. ​This is not to insult the blend, because in the bottle it smells *so* nice. On me? Ear Wax. ​I mean Gore Shock smelled awesome on me, so it was about time that a fave would smell horrible on me, but i really didnt want it to be Womb Furie. ​ETA: this was after my yearly testing of my 2010 WF. ​One year it's gonna be different, I just know it.
  7. Katillac

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Our complete sewer line backed up just in time for hurricane Irma. I also got a hand stuck in an augger and am pretty fucking lucky to not be degloved since the outter coil caught on my wedding band. ​We have a plumbing company coming out today (while i'm at home alone and don't really like the outside world), so i put this on... ​And i feel okay. It's a really comforting sweet/candyish smell, but really close to the skin. Honestly, it could smell like actual feces and i wouldnt care because it is indeed calming me down.
  8. Katillac

    Lab Rat

    This does not smell anything like my current Imp box, but man does it smell like my box back in '09 when i discovered i loved metallics and metallics loved me. ​I do get some herbs/spice, but mostly on me it's a creamy steel. Like if Ignanok Jewelers was an ice cream flavor. With maybe some cinnamon flakes on top. ​Looking at the other reviews, this is obviously a scent really controlled by skin chemistry from person to person. ​I'm really happy i went ahead and bought 2 bottles, because it's just so much fun. I'm excited to see how it changes with me. ​Smelling it really does make me smile because it brings me back to a really fun time in my life. ETA: After trying it again today (since a forum member suggested I wait a few months to let things settle), the crazy did not slow down. Wet it smelled like fried chicken (I wish I could make a fancier description, but I literally smelled like delicious fried chicken to the point where I got hungry). Thankfully for about 3 seconds, though. Then it went SUPER mint (to the point where my wrists were cold) and then relaxed into a leather/floral/cake scent. Sadly, it had a low throw when it got to that point. ​I just now realized I didn't roll my oil before applying it, so that might have been the cause of the mint surge. ​I still love it because yes, I do want to smell like a leather flower cake. ​This is still one of my favorites! I'm glad I got two bottles because I really want to see what this smells like in 5 ish years.
  9. Katillac

    Snake Can

    I absolutely love this. So much. Like maybe i can sell a kidney to be able to hoard it "love". ​On me, I do get aquatics, but it's not overly so. ​My notes were: "More relaxed cousin of Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love" ​On me, it's a really good mix of everything with nothing being overpowering. The salt also calms down the foodie smell so it gets "light" smelling (not that the throw isn't strong. It is, it's just not cloying). Also, depending on my cycle, Snake Oil can have that playdough scent...no playdough here, which makes me super happy. ​I wasn't expecting to have found a favorite spring scent, but this is as close to "me...in spring!" that has ever been bottled. ​Really good throw and wear length (I tested a bit on the back on my palm and could smell it strongly for around 5 hours. Probably lasted 8 in total with the remaining 3 being two hours of medium throw and one hour at close to skin).
  10. Katillac

    The Knave of Hearts

    I actually hated this the first time i put it on. All i could smell was super red roses and butter. Like an old lady holding a jar of melting butter. ​But I wanted to try it again. [2nd and 3rd were 1 month apart, same weeks so my cycle didn't make it go crazy] 2nd time I still had the red roses and butter, but there was a sweetness coming in. ​3rd time...sweet Christmas, this is niiice. Not too foody, not too buttery, not too floral..it basically morphed into the perfect "what are you wearing?" smell on me. ​ ​It's just so hard for me to pin down. It still doesn't smell like rose on me, and not like tarts (so I can't say "oh it's a buttery rose water berry tart smell"). It's for sure sweet on me, though. ​So for those who are iffy about roses, or berries, or buttery tarts...get an imp of this, it might surprise you over time like it did me.
  11. *crack* This is my favorite leather scent hands down. I just put in an order for 4 more bottles because i can't let it get away from me. It smells *exactly* like a crop (or a really well made cat o' 9 tails). While smelling it on me i looked at my husband and went "YOU CAN SMELL THE KNOTS!". If you love leather, you need this. It could also blend well with vanilla heavy/foodie blends. I wore it with "eat me" and i wanted to violate my own personal space.
  12. Katillac

    Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla, and Clove

    This smells fantastic on my husband. I admit, i ordered it "for him" (air quotes. because i live for leather smells.). On me, it smelled like truly dead leaves; not the crinkly/crunchy kind, but the florida kind with roaches. On him...oh, sweet Christmas, yes. His starts with vanilla clove with a really warm back bone, almost tonka in the level of the vanilla. Then leather comes in. It's sweet, but not "sweet" (like how the perfect espresso has a sweetness to it, it's that sort of feel). After 10 hours, it slowly goes down to an actual pile of dead leaves. Never been jealous of my husband before, but he pulls off this better than i do.
  13. Katillac

    Le Père Fouettard

    This was my holy grail back in 2010. Someone frimped me a half decant with a swap, and i was in LURVE. Like, "I will write songs about your beauty every day!" style LURVE. If you are a female that loves leather, with a bit of sweet, you NEED to get this. It's just as beautiful as i remember it being. Never knew i was into leather smells (i was strictly foodie/floral back in the way back), and then this one happened. Wet, it is mostly licorice, but (for me anyway) the licorice basically only comes up like pfeffernusse cookies. Then it's just sexy leather. I really feel like if cookies had an S&M club after hours, this would be their scent. It's just sexy, and gorgeous, and i love it. I was worried about the coal (kind of, Crimson Christmas also loves me, and i him), but sometimes "coal" goes to baby powder on me (any musk other than "red musk" does. It's sad, honestly.), but it's so nice. It's not a "nice" smell, so anyone hoping for happy funtime cookie yay! should just not...but i'd say if you want a more badass/non vanilla Liz, you're safe with this one.
  14. Katillac

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    I will always love the lab's mint smells. On me, it never really reads as "mint" so much as "cold" or "fresh". The vanilla is very nice, and grounds the mint before it goes all vapo-rub. I love the sugar because it turns a mint/nilla stick into something else. It smells cold, but it makes me feel warm because of every memory i have associated with those smells. Really happy the proceeds go to RAINN, because that's awesome, and they are awesome.
  15. Katillac

    The Knave of Hearts

    Just recently started rebuilding my collection and this was a frimp In the imp: OMG BERRIES wet: OMG BERRIES dry down: wait...there's something else...ooo, kinda sexy but not my usual go to...i likes 1 hour later: this odd butter-floral-musk-berry (in that order) scent I'm still not sure if i love it, or am confused by it. I normally amp anything fruit/food likes and this was both...yet not? I never really smelled the rose (which, is good, because rose just goes bad soapy on my skin. Not even those pretty rose soaps left out for company but like the dried out rose soaps that your grandma bought in bulk back in the 70s and kept in a closet...that's what rose does to me). Knave was more of a chestnut, butter, berry, It reminded me of tarts, but didn't smell like a tart... If you're iffy on it, for sure pick up a sample. If nothing else, it's pretty cool how it changes.