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  1. n1k1ta

    Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues

    Green, sweet, tangy and juicy. This reminds me of 51 with its greenness. However, 'Serpents' is more juicy with its citrus notes. After an hour after application, I still get the green herby-citrus-ness, but there's something akin to a floral in the blend. I think it's the currant note that's reading as floral to me. After the initial settling of the perfume, it remains stable. The throw doesn't quit either. Color me impressed!
  2. n1k1ta

    Dia de los Muertos

    Reviewing the 2009 edition. Completely floral for drydown. The floral note is something like lily; maybe a carnation thrown in there. It's definitely funereal. A waxy and almost incense-y/smoky note seeps into the floral after an hour. Everything remains unchanging for its life. I really don't think this is for me because I'm not jazzed about this at all. Off to ye olde sales.
  3. n1k1ta


    In the bottle, Tanuki is sour and it worried me. I worry no more! Bright, woodsy, succulently fruity and heady floral is my first thought while Tanuki is drying on my skin. I can't pick out individual notes either. It's just one wonderful blend! After an hour, Tanuki is more floral than anything else. I can't distinguish any individual note either. The floral is almost wisteria, but not quite. There's a romantic quality from, I think, the osmanthus. However, there's more to it than just those two notes. Anyway, Tanuki lasted about five strong, lovely hours on me. I'm not sure I see a raccoon-dog in this perfume. I don't really care about that, though. Tanuki is simply great.
  4. n1k1ta

    L'Ecole des Filles

    L'Ecole des Filles is pure orange blossom for drydown. Waxy lemon and, I think, the ambergris start to come out after a few minutes. After that, is rose which makes this perfume very romantic and frilly. In an hour's time, L'Ecole des Filles is powdery floral yet green. It's a strange combination, but pleasant. The powdery floral dies down after three hours. What's left is green, fresh and a little resiny. It has an old-fashioned feel. I like it, but I'm not in love with it. Onto ye ole swap list it goes!
  5. n1k1ta


    Dirty is definitely detergent-y, crisp and little lemony. It has a sharpness that I really enjoy. There's a floral note that develops after half an hour. It feels tropical. Some say it's plumeria. I can't say that for certain, but it's lovely. Dirty stays true, but loses its strength after three hours. Overall, I find Dirty refreshing in its simplicity and great for a spring day. I'm very glad I tried it!
  6. n1k1ta

    The Black Tower

    The Black Tower is smoky, spicy and woody yet fresh during drydown. It's almost sharp with the ozone. Wonderfully earthy. A marine note starts to develop after drydown. I think it's the ambergris. It really adds to the perfume, giving it a depth. As I expected, at about the three-hour mark, The Black Tower went all sandalwood on me. The throw is strong and stays that way, though. Even though I loved the first three hours, this is probably better for someone with a different chemistry.
  7. n1k1ta

    Juke Joint

    Juke Joint is smoky and woody with a splash of liquor for drydown. It's a little harsh and takes forever to dry. Once dry, a bitter mint joins the smoke and wood. I don't like this at all. Usually, liquor, or wine, notes are more pleasing to me. Apparently, bourbon is not one I like. I'm washing this off and adding this imp to my swap pile.
  8. n1k1ta

    Phantom Queen

    Sweet apple with a wonderful light floral--orchid? a little rose?--to back it up is Phantom Queen in the beginning. It's a very pale, new-leaf green. After an hour, the apple note morphs into the blossom aspect. Phantom Queen is completely and deliciously floral. I still get the pale vibe--delicate pink and green. The throw didn't lessen even after four hours. It's not extremely strong, but it's steady. Overall, Phantom Queen is spring-y and delicately floral. What a success!
  9. n1k1ta

    La Fée Verte

    Sweet, sharp liquor with a touch of woody spice is what I get for drydown. It's almost mouthwateringly edible. La Fee Verte gets softer as it dries on me. I get more vanilla and honey, but the liquor and wood is still dominant. There is a green-ness about La Fee Verte. It reminds me of Embalming Fluid, but LFV is sweeter and less earthy. The liquor note disappears after an hour. It's not really a problem. LFV is soft, sweet and woody. It feels very natural. The throw does not quit either. I'm sure I'll be smelling this in my hair tomorrow. Mucho love for La Fee Verte!
  10. n1k1ta

    Her Voice

    My impression of Her Voice during drydown is romantic, fresh and extremely floral. It is wonderfully crafted. I can't identify one single flower note. It's not exactly rose nor hyacinth. There's a sweetness of honeysuckle. I do get a lovely wax note. However, no one note stands out. As Her Voice combines with me, it gets more golden and deep. It's like going from a passing fancy to true love. What a gorgeous perfume!
  11. n1k1ta

    Lady MacBeth

    Drydown is candy sweet and a little tart. I find it mouth-watering in that 'just stepped into a candy store' way. Once dry, Lady Macbeth is juicy wine. It reminds me of sangria. After an hour or so, I get something akin to Bor.dello, but not as dark. There's definitely wine, but the berries are the stronger note. The throw hasn't weakened at all. The sangria vibe keeps going and after seven hours it's still strong. I don't think I'm going to buy a bottle of Lady Macbeth, but I will enjoy my imp!
  12. n1k1ta


    Hello, powdery, floral musk! Zephyr is more old-lady powder than anything else for me. There is a bite of lemon, but it doesn't help the powder. I find Zephyr unpleasant. I'm washing it off and putting it on the trade list. Ugh.
  13. n1k1ta

    L'Heure Verte

    Powdery rose, a bite of burnt lilac with an undercurrent of liquor at the beginning. It's not what I expected at all. L'Heure Verte quickly turned into opium and lilac. I never got a distinct absinthe note. The opium and lilac are wonderful together, but this perfume is not green for me. Color me disappointed.
  14. n1k1ta


    Sharply floral and fresh. The pink sakura and juicy ume dominate completely. Hanami would be heavy if it weren't for the breezy quality of the flowers. The throw is of medium strength. I'd love for it to be stronger, though. Hanami softens after three hours. The wisteria seems to round out the perfume. It's more richly floral, dark and surprisingly comforting. Bottom line: I love Hanami. I don't know why I waited so long to try it. It's feminine, refined and refreshing--perfect for spring.
  15. n1k1ta

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    A blend of blood-soaked daemonorops, black amber, dark musk, glistening leather, caraway, smoky myrrh, cinnamon, and clove that is glowing with a luminescent, space-addled coating of clary sage, lemon balm, white grapefruit rind, mandarin, green melon, and white musk. I Married a Vampire from Planet X is definitely dark and sexy. What really comes out for me is the cinnamon, clove with a wonderful highlight of musky citrus. Once dry, "Vampire" is more smoky, but has that dark sexy quality. Since my chemistry amps musk, that's what "Vampire" turns into. However, it's a rich, buttery musk. Overall, I'm impressed. This is another lovely, complex, yet well-balanced perfume from the B-movie line.