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  1. Magycmyste

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Like this? https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01L6S9E7E/?coliid=I3B3K0OIONB4MF&colid=2QD857VD45P60&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Haven't tried them, but I bookmarked them awhile back.
  2. Magycmyste

    Blood Throughout All the Land

    In the imp: Bitter, bitter woods. Wet on skin: Well it's more acidic than bitter. Not so bad. Dried down: As it dries, the woods come out more, it's a little drier, more incensy. Throw: CThere's a little bi of throw to this Verdict: *** Not bad at all, but I really just don't see myself reaching for this very often.
  3. Magycmyste

    Angel of Death

    Well, I only really have a sniffie of this, so I'm not going to skin test it. I will say the sniffie makes me want to find an imp, though. It smells divine!
  4. Magycmyste

    They Shall Eate the Residue of that which is Escaped

    In the imp: Mmmmm..... mint and green tea Wet on skin: Mint.... and...the green tea is kind of turning into rubber now. Dried down: Cool mint, with a warm background of rosewood and green mate. Throw: I don't get any throw from this until I get close to my arm. Verdict: **** This is very nice, but I'm no sure if I want a bottle or not. I just don't think I would reach for it very often.
  5. Magycmyste

    A Very Grievous Murraine

    In the imp: Sweet dusty spices. t makes me think of a sweeter version of cherezade or Morocco. Wet on skin: About the same. Dried down: Mmmmmm.......... leather and myrrh. This is pretty awesome. Throw: I'm getting a little bit of throw from this. It's nice. Leathery. Verdict: ***** Yay! Another happy scent for me!!
  6. Magycmyste

    Three Dayes

    In the imp: Getting the grape and vetiver here. Wet on skin: Same - grape and vetiver. With the teensiest bit of mint. Dried down: Eh, this is mostly vetiver on me right now, Throw: Not getting much throw of of this one. I am getting little whiffs of grape from time to time, which is nice. Verdict: ** Yeah, I don't think this one's for me.
  7. Magycmyste

    All the Dust of the Land

    In the imp: Ooh, this i pretty. Sweet and incensey. Dusty cinnamon and patchouli. Wet on skin: Still dusty cinnamon. It's going to the almonds right now and frankincense yet. This is pleasant. Dried down: Almonds spiced by cinnamon and a hint of frankincense. Throw: Tiny bit, not much. Verdict: **** 1/* I think I'm going to go ahead and get a bottle of this. I'm not completely in lov, but I think that might have to do with the number of scents I'm trying on now.
  8. Magycmyste

    Smite All Thy Borders with Frogges

    In the imp: Ok, this one's just weird. "Amorphous" fits it perfectly. Salty and aquatic and sweet and melony at the same time. But not blended. They're disparate. Wet on skin: Still a little aquatic - probably the green musk. I'm getting the benzoin and vetiver right now. Dried down: The vetiver blends nicely with the green musk and veggies here. Throw: There's a little throw here, mostly the cucumber for that sweet aquatic. Verdict: **** This is nice, but I think I'll be satisfied with my decant for awhile.
  9. Magycmyste

    About Midnight

    In the imp: Vanilla softened by frankincense. This is pretty. This reminds me almost of coconut, but not quite. Wet on skin: Ooh. Vanilla, softened and edged by woods. Dried down: Oh, this is gorgeous. Throw: Soft vanilla floating around my head. Verdict: ***** This is the first one I've loved out of the plagues, and of course, it's out of stock. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  10. Magycmyste

    Fire Mingled with the Haile

    I was curious about this one. In the imp: Aquatic, with jasmine sambac, and something else. I think it's the "celestial fire," but I can't quite tell what it is. Wet on skin: Still the same Mainly aquatic, with a hint of floral, and something fiery. That might be mint. Like a peppermint. Or a very sharp frankincense. Actually, that might be. Dried down: Same. Aquatics with a hint of jasmine. Throw: Almost none on me. Verdict: *** 1/* I don't know if this one is for me yet, but I think I want to hold on to it for awhile longer. I think I need to try this again.
  11. Magycmyste

    Upon Man and Upon Beast

    In the imp: Cherry and incense. I'm enjoying that combination more than I thought I would. Wet on skin: Primarily the wood and incense. Dried down: Wood and incense. I like it, but I'm missing that cherry I was getting from the decant. Never thought I'd be saying that. Throw: Not much. Maybe it'll grow over time. Verdict: *** I'm not sure this one is for me, yet. Perhaps I'll change my mind if he cherry comes back, but I have other incense scents that I would reach for over this.
  12. Magycmyste

    A Grievous Swarm

    In the imp: Interesting - there's no notes I would consider minty or camphorous in this, but i'm getting a sort of wintry mint The cardamom, I believe, along with a heavy dose of vetiver. Wet on skin: The vanilla mixes with cardamom, and smells rather beautiful. Dried down: This is pretty much the vetiver now. Not bad, but not something I really need. Throw: Nope, not really getting much at all. What little I get is the cardamom passing itself off as mint Verdict: *** Not bad, but nothing that really catches my attention.
  13. Magycmyste

    Lovers and a Fan

    In the imp: Sweet sweetness. Wet on skin: Coconut and honey. This is really pretty. There's a little bit of spice, I think from the saffron (I'm not really used to thinking of saffron as spicy, but i don't think it's the coconut or honey). Dried down: Soft coconut. Throw: This one is wearing really close to my skin. I'm not getting much throw from it. Verdict: **** I have a bottle, and I think I'm going to enjoy this one. I'm considering a backup bottle, but this Luper update is heavy on the coconut, which makes me happy, which makes me want to buy far more bottles than are good for me. ::sigh::
  14. Magycmyste

    The Wet Nurse and the Old Monk

    In the imp: Peach, darkened by.... the sandalwood? Wet on skin: Same on my skin. The peach is juicy, but something is taking it into melon territory. Dried down: Still a bit melony for me. I'm kind of wishing I was getting more of the tea and sandalwood and champaca right now, and less melon. Throw: There is a little bit of champaca coming out in here. It's gorgeous, but I'm just not getting enough. Verdict: *** Nice, but I don't think this one's for me.
  15. Magycmyste

    Startled Toad

    In the imp: Lots of sweetness with a little bit of a bite. Wet on skin: A little cacophonous, but I like every note that's coming out. Coconut, vanilla, frankincense, patchouli, tinged with lemongrass. Dried down: The frankincense and patchouli is trying to take over here. As it sits on my skin, though, it morphs into this soft sweetness.The coconut and vanilla star here. Throw: Soft and sweet. Verdict: **** I'm actually not entirely sure how I feel about this one, but I want a bottle. I REALLy want to see how this ages.