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  1. BernadetteS

    The Queen of Hearts

    I have no skills for reviewing perfume. All I can say about this fragrance is, that it smells 100% like jLo glow. I was wondering all day of what it reminds me of, now I got it.
  2. BernadetteS

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    i wish i could answer to the previous speakers request but i'm new to BPAL and ended up here because i'm on the hunt for "my scent". so unfortunately i can't contribute yet, only consume and learn i'd love to hear your suggestion for me: i'm 36 years old, usually guessed to be 5-8 years younger. I'm overweight and constantly on a weight loss mission. 100% german, grew up in cologne (well known for its excessive karneval - mardi gras). I immigrated to canada in 2006 because of my canadian husband who's an industrial musician. we bought a house, i love my garden and my 2 cats. we are trying for a family - i really could use some fertility magic. i change my hair fairly often and had everything from blonde to pink to black, super short, very long. I am outspoken, spontaneous, excitable, enthusiastic, loving, caring and huggy, sometimes pottymouthed. i used to be fun and rather loud, but now in canada i am a rather quiet observer and i feel boring. i am worried to be perceived as rude because of being "too german". i am not homesick but i miss my best friend and my girl-friends and their spontaneous visits. i can be quite obsessive and when i am interested in something i can spend forever on research - i tend to deep dive. i love industrial, wave, electronic, punk and german fun punk. i also listen to classical, I currently love Muse. I enjoy swimming, sewing, gardening, make up, cooking and i have the feeling i might fall for BPAL. our house is still under renovation and we do everything ourselves. I started out as a print graphic designer, then web designer, then web developer, then PHP programmer (self-taught), then user experience designer and now i'm an information architect in a very cool advertising agency. i work mostly on facebook apps for budweiser, honda, wonderbread and johnson & johnson which is the most exciting job i had so far and that gives me a great sense of accomplishment. i am very proud of my career. the scent must work in a professional setting. wow... first time i summarized myself in that way. now is that an eye opener ... and definitely not as nicely distilled as others managed to. note to self: "hang out more with my germans" thanks a million!!!