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  1. biggest_ghost

    Masculine orris

    Hey, all! After getting a decant of Leaden Fog, orris has become my newest scent obsession. However, it seems like most of the orris scents BPAL provides are combined with floral scents. While I'm sure they smell lovely, I'd like to find something a little more traditionally masculine. (For the record, Leaden Fog is essentially all orris on me; no smoke, only a hint of sandalwood. I'm noticing that my skin tends to amp these vegetal kinds of scents -- vetiver is another one that takes over every perfume on me, much to my delight.) Ideally I'm looking for something I can get an imp of first to test, but I understand that there's a limited amount of the catalogue that'll apply to. I'm not opposed at all to hunting down decants or partials from friendly forumites. Any advice?
  2. biggest_ghost

    I want to smell like a wizard...

    Thanks so much, y'all! I'd been worried about the "incense" notes in a few of the mentioned blends containing frankincense, but I trust the judgement of those far wiser in the ways of BPAL. I'll be putting all these bad boys on my wishlist!
  3. biggest_ghost

    I want to smell like a wizard...

    ...but BPAL's frankincense goes soapy on me, leaving me smelling like I just had a nice shower. Is there hope in the catalogue for a guy who'd rather smell like he just finished summoning up the spirits of the dead to chat with?