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    Making stuff! <br /><br />I'm one of those people who always says "Oh, I can make that!"
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    Rose, carnation, black tea, yuzu, cider, lavender--Favorite BPAL Sugar Cookie, Havisham, Queen of Hearts, Alice, Aizen-Myoo, Bliss, March Hare, Red Rose, Dorian, Bathsheba


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  1. babykitty

    Scents to help quit vices

    BPAL Detox? High John?
  2. babykitty

    People of the Labyrinth - Luctor et Emergo

    B&I created a version of it called "The Lost", I think. That way you wouldn't waste any of the preccccccious!
  3. babykitty

    Scents for pregnancy? Not recommended by the Lab

    I was wearing Alice the day I went into labor with my baby. Alice. It's good one.
  4. Scarecrow is a pretty good scorched scent.
  5. babykitty

    BPAL and pregnancy

    Yea! More BPAL babies!!! I thought it was the pennyroyal in Pain that should be avoided, not the mint. Peppermint, spearmint should be okay, unless they make your stomach lurch! Yea! I'm so excited for you guys!
  6. babykitty

    Why do all BPAL scents smell the same to me??

    It could be the tags that smell incense-y...Someone--you or the lab--got some on the tags while putting your order together, while testing or some leaked a bit during transit.
  7. babykitty

    Sweet Clove

    I must concur! This is the best clove around! It's great for layering & amping up other wimpier scents.
  8. babykitty

    The Hesperides

  9. babykitty

    Black Forest

    If baby powder grew on trees, they would thrive in Bavaria.....I'll take my Black Forest in cake form
  10. babykitty

    The Lion

    Meh. Chai playdoh. Best smelling playdoh though...
  11. babykitty


    Wanda, Lady Macbeth & Centzon T... BTW--you can get white grape juice!
  12. babykitty


    Does anyone know what an actual vanilla orchid smells like--the actual flower--not just the bean...just curious if it smells vanilla-y or what... Anyway, this shit is awesome. --another helpful review by babykitty
  13. babykitty

    Forbidden Fruit

    Ugh. Rotting fruit. Damn.
  14. babykitty


    Fall under the spell of our Green Fairy! An intoxicating blend containing wormwood essence, light mints, cardamom, anise, hyssop, and the barest hint of lemon. I wanted to love this, I did, I did. But the anise was just too much. I had secretly hoped the oil would be green too, but alas...
  15. babykitty

    Juke Joint

    Powdermint. I do get a burst of alcohol initially. I love the way it wafts around me. Mmm...good stuff.