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  1. Grimwitch


    Just got a frimp of this in my last eBay order from the Lab. It smelled really good when I sniffed it, all lemongrass and incense, so I put some on to test this morning. Instant talcum powder. There's a tiny hint of frankincense there if I get my nose right up against my wrist, but otherwise nada. It's a very pleasant powder, to be fair, but it's really not what I was expecting. Oh well!
  2. Grimwitch

    Miskatonic University

    In the bottle: artificial creamer. Chemicals. Sour milk. No wood, no paper, nothing else. Wet on the skin: more of the same. Dry: even more. I tried it on my husband too, in the hopes of it just being my skin. No such luck. This was just gross, enough so that we both agreed we needed to scrub it off. Off to the swap pile for you, Miskatonic University!
  3. Grimwitch


    In the bottle: liquid purple. On my skin: holy allergic reaction, Batman! I had to wash this off almost immediately and still spent half an hour sneezing. Which is a shame, it smelled really nice.
  4. Grimwitch

    La Petite Mort

    Oh my word. I love this. I've never been a huge fan of ylang ylang, so it wasn't on my list. Fortunately Shadith sent it to me as a frimp! In the bottle: Sweet and smooth, maybe a hint of toasted almond. Wet: Faintly medicinal, but musky. Dry: There's the myrrh. My husband wanted to know if there was civet in this, but I don't think there is. Just very musky musk. It smells amazing. I wore it out to a bar last night and people were walking past sniffing my neck! It deepens the longer it's on the skin, until it turns into a spicy musk. Very sexy. Not a lot of throw, but I can still smell it this morning, almost 18 hours later.
  5. Grimwitch


    In the bottle: water, ozone and grapefruit. A hint of rotting seaweed, but in a good way. Wet: more of the same, but saltier. Dry, a couple of hours later - I can still smell grapefruit on my skin if I sniff my wrist, but the throw is all generic aftershave. I'm going to give this one another chance later. I'd put Blood Countess on earlier and washed it off, so it's possible that some of the weirdness is something lingering from that. I'm not hopeful, though.
  6. Grimwitch

    Blood Countess

    In the bottle this was a deep, rich, fruity purple. Not the oil, but it smells purple. The plums are very present. I put it on and the lilac came through. Almost no rose, which is good. It smelled comforting and familiar. Too familiar. My spouse remarked that he'd smelled something similar very recently, and I realized that it smelled exactly like my grandmother's favourite perfume. Bah. I washed it off and will be trying something else. It's gorgeous, I just don't want to smell like my grandmother!
  7. Grimwitch


    Mmm, sassafras. That's all I could smell in the bottle. Dry on my skin the myrhh is coming out, making it less sweet and more spicy. I can see why people are thinking cloves! This is a hot scent, I can feel warmth on my wrists. It's like the embers of a charcoal brazier - poke them and you'll get fire, but if you let them be it's just the faintest hint of a glow in the darkness. 7 hours later it's almost all gone, sadly. I'm still getting the scent when I sniff my wrist, but there's no throw anymore.
  8. Grimwitch


    Mmmm, devil's food cake batter! Or possibly triple chocolate brownie batter. There's definitely a wetly flour-and-egg batter thing going on here. As it's drying it smells more and more like the finished baked good and less gooey. I'll be dreaming of chocolate tonight. Later - apparently I won't be dreaming of chocolate, since this was gone twenty minutes after I put it on. Bummer.
  9. Grimwitch

    Herbert West

    In the bottle I could smell lemons, but there's a note of something acrid to it as well. On my skin there's almost no lemon, just the scent of a really pleasant aftershave with a bite. I have no idea what the note(s) giving it the bite is/are, but I like it a whole lot. I can see why it's considered a more masculine scent, but on me it's wonderfully crisp and bright. Very strong, plenty of throw. I've had it on for three hours and if anything it's stronger now than when I put it on! Fortunately I like it. This may be one to buy in a bottle, it's put me in a fabulous mood and smells amazing.
  10. Grimwitch


    First review! Imp received from shadith. In the bottle - there's a faintly medicinal tang from the clove. Surprisingly little cinnamon, and I can't smell dragon's blood at all. Wet on the skin - mmm, cinnamon. Lots of cinnamon. A hint of the pepper, which is really nice. Dry - why HELLO, dragon's blood! The spices are chilling out a bit and the blood is coming through, making a gorgeously musky blend. My arm smells amazing. It's a sweet scent, too. Husbandface is quite keen, but then he's a big fan of cinnamon so it's not really surprising. Yum.