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  1. Tiada

    Scent for Halloween?

    Of all the other scents I have that are supposed to be "Christmassy," Bengal + Bliss makes the most incredible smell, which to me is the perfect Christmas scent! "skin musk with honey, peppers, clove, cinnamon bark and ginger" and chocolate? YES PLEASE! In fact, I'll probably be wearing this for the next few days. When something works, it works!
  2. Tiada

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Thanks for my newer adoration of Womb Furie, honey is something I have been wanting to look more into. I went through my current scents that play honey in a way I like, and these are the ones that stand out: O Cockaigne Les Bijoux Giant Vulva Kitty Horse Chestnut Honey Dragon's Milk White Rabbit and while I love Beautiful and Adored, the honey gets lost on me. I'm going to be spending a lot of time reading through this thread front to back, but if anyone has any scents they would immediately recommend, please share!
  3. I like skin musk too. It's discontinued, but my favourite (of all) is Eos. "Softly glowing skin" doesn't directly state musk, but I think it's clear. It's gorgeous, IMO.
  4. Tiada

    David's Tea "Stormy Night"

    So today I tried "White Rabbit" with "Bliss". Not a perfect blend of Stormy Night, but it smells pretty darn good!!
  5. Tiada

    David's Tea "Stormy Night"

    I have each of these and think some of them might just work! The trick I think is going to be layer them. I've only had one Thirteen, and it was not what I'm looking for at all. I went through all the other Thirteen scents, and while they're all pretty cool and unique, they're not a match. I'd need something a LOT more simple than any of the Thirteens. Oh now that I've started thinking about this when I read Stormy Night, I started going through all my teas, and the Davids Tea catalogue, and there could be so many amazing perfumes!
  6. Tiada

    David's Tea "Stormy Night"

    A Forever Nuts latte is the greatest thing on a cold day, or at night, or always. I adore it. Forever Nuts would make a great scent too... Apple, almond, cinnamon, beet root.
  7. This is the "Tea Of The Month" and smells SO good, I want it as a scent. Can anyone think of one similar? "black tea, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla" I really hope I can smell like this, since I can't drink this tea (no black tea or chocolate for me, very sad!).
  8. Tiada

    The Perfect Lavender

    Paris and TKO are my top recommendations. Paris is my favourite lavender for wanting to smell bold in a feminine way. The spicy works on this one too. TKO is just for bed to me, but so wonderfully lavender! I haven't put it on tonight, but I've realised it smells in my pillows, and it's do relaxing!
  9. I know Bordello is a sweeter wine for most people, but on me it gets darker. It's in my top 10 for much of that reason. Halloween: Las Vegas also comes out with more wine than a lot of the other scents on me. The aftermath of piratical nuptials: walls smeared with red and black frosting, copious amounts of spilled red wine, the leftover contents of three full bars, dry leaves and desert flowers crushed into carpet, tobacco smoke, and champaca incense in a cloud of body-heat amped Snake Oil and Dorian.
  10. Tiada

    Van Van

    Of all the options, I chose this one to help me battle cancer. I don't know if that's really the best choice, but it called to me best. I was really REALLY worried about what it would smell like, because The Conjure Bag hasn't worked previously. I'm also really not very good at determining what I'm smelling, but I'll attempt anyways. Imp: Strong! There's something woodsy and musty (kind of dusty). Very dark. Wet: The "woodsy" smell gets stronger, and I think it's a bit like cedar and dry grass. Also, something is making this spicy underneath. I want to say there's also a dry sandalwood, but it's not. Dry: This softens so much! It brings it to something much simpler and almost sweeter! This was not what I was expecting from the beginning. It has very almost a creamy, softer element that has made this completely different. I may not adore it, but I'm keeping it, and wearing it when I really feel like I need the help!
  11. Tiada

    Beautiful and Adored

    When I first got the imp of Beautiful and Adored, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. I couldn't tell if it was going to be a hit or miss (from the description, without scent yet). I'm glad I gave it a chance and a proper test! Imp: floral, but not the obnoxious kind I can often hate, and it can be quickly brought in with the fruits and vanilla. Wet: Yum! The rose musk must not be much "rose", because they usually kill it for me. The gardenia is a gorgeous flower, so that's working. Nothing other than "floral" takes hold at this point. Dry: The floral and a touch of honey, but none of the others are playing along. I expected more from the vanilla and pear since they work so well on other scents together, but they don't come out on me. 2+ hours later: The vanilla starts to work it's way out, which is a surprise, and lovely. As a whole it has mellowed into a very feminine and wearable scent. Hubby spoke up and told me he really liked this one before I'd even asked, which sealed it in as a 5mL.
  12. Tiada


    Imp: Pear 1st, then champagne (without smelling *too* bubbly). Wet: There's the plumeria coming out to be louder to play with the pear. The champagne is sitting further back, a very gentle sparkle. Dry: Lovely! Plumeria (not too "floral") is the first runner, and very pretty. Next to line up with it is the pear, which is so lovely as a fruit that's not too sweet, not too loud, very nice. The champagne seems to faded away, but it's not really missed. The two showing lead scents are really doing a beautiful job on their own! I rate this a 4 star (of 5).
  13. Tiada


    I've had an imp of this for quite a while, tested once then put the imp aside in the "yes" pile but didn't wear once. I put it on again and was so sad that I haven't been wearing this for a year! It's so gorgeous and needs more attention. This has a creamy, gentleness (the soft musks mix in with the milk I suppose). There's a sandalwood that's softer than normal, and for my luck, there is not a shred of jasmine! It's beautiful. I think I'm going to buy a bottle it's that pretty! I happily rate this 5 stars!
  14. Tiada


    Imp: oh choke me This smells just like Tiger Balm filling the imp. Wet: Still staying just like Tiger Balm. Not at all what it is listed or what I would expect at all. Dry: finally the smells it should smell like... a little. There's the rosemary, roses, and lemon peel. None of these scents work together for me at all, but at least they're better than Tiger Balm! A loser for me, 1 star.
  15. Tiada


    Imp: LILACS! I just love lilacs so much. Wet: Yup, still lilac. Unfortunately lemon and something that makes it smell like cleaner are trying to take over. I'm afraid! Dry: Totally killed. It smells only like a bathroom cleaner that's lemon (as that fake lemon) and lilac (but the bad smeller kind, not naturally), and cedar. I'm so disappointed, since I was really hoping for some lilac love, and that's obviously not the case.