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    Anything spiced or warm. Most aquatics and light florals, some vanilla. No musks, heavy florals, or vetiver.

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  1. hmelt004

    Yankee Candle to BPAL

    It's been a long time since I smelled Midsummer's Night, but you might try Galvanic Goggles or Robotic Scarab from the Steamworks collection. They both seem very similar to MN.
  2. hmelt004

    Medicine, medicinal notes

    Madrid is discontinued and might be a little hard to find, but I think it smells like cough syrup. Wearable cough syrup, though. Red Queen also has a boozy kind-of cherry vibe, as does Phantom Calliope from the CD. And I think Ochosi smells a bit like calamine lotion, which my mom used to put on poison ivy rash and mosquito bites when I was a kid.
  3. hmelt004


    Rose and leather are two notes that amp on me and eat up everything else, so I was interested to see what this blend would do. This is a strong, sweet rose and an old, soft leather, and they balance each other very well. This set off a friend's allergies; it is a very strong blend but I like it quite a lot.
  4. hmelt004


    This imp is over a year old. I get oatmeal cookie from this too!! With brown sugar and nutmeg and warm milk. Very similar to Haunt Shapeshifter. I was hoping for more of the wine note, but it's not coming out. This one lasts forever.
  5. hmelt004


    This is so light that I can barely smell it it. Even slathering it on, I just get a faint whiff of fruit and patch. I like this one, but I wish it were a bit stronger.
  6. hmelt004

    Eau de Ghoul

    This is a really strong, spicy dirt scent with a pleasant bit of bitterness. perhaps that is the blood. The leather is very subtle and doesn't overwhelm everything. If you're a fan of spiced scents, as I am, don't be afraid to try this one.
  7. hmelt004

    Queen of Sheba

    The almond in this one is so strong that it takes over everything else. In the bottle it smells like fresh almonds and after it's been on my skin awhile it becomes a nuttier, toasted almond. This is not an almond extract/cherry sort of smell, but the real nuts. Great if you like it; I don't.
  8. hmelt004


    This imp is quite old, at least a year or more. I like most of the notes in this one, and I was hoping that they would dominate the orange blossom, which usually does not like me. But this one is all orange blossom on me, and a bit of what smells like amber or red musk. Maybe its the aged patchouli. Anyway, do not want!
  9. hmelt004

    Hymn to Proserpine

    Amber usually turns bitter and powdery on me, but this goes oddly sour. There's pomegranate and currant in this, as well, I think. I like both of them, but the amber is still too much. To the swaps.
  10. hmelt004

    Devil's Claw

    Ack! Smoky vetiver, maybe a bit of cedar. This reminds me of Djinn a bit. Not wearable on me. Off to the swaps!
  11. hmelt004

    The Hesperides

    Mmm. Sweet green apple and sweet wood and sweet leaves. There's a bit of an aquatic note as well. This doesn't quite feel candy-like to me, but it's very close. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long on my skin.
  12. hmelt004

    Poisoned Apple

    This is a sweet green apple with something bitter and sharp inside. It fades fairly quickly on my skin.
  13. hmelt004


    Honeyed cream and skin musk with a hint of vanilla. There's a light green floral lurking in the background somewhere that keeps it from being too cloying. This is what I expected SO to smell like.
  14. hmelt004


    Mmm. Creamy honey and skin musk. An LE version on Sed Non Satiata, or Bengal without the spice.
  15. hmelt004

    Sed Non Satiata

    Most of what I get is the body musk and honey. This is sweet and sexy and amazing. The patchouli adds a bit of a "dirty" feel, which only makes me like it more.re. The other notes listed don't work well on me usually, especially tuberose and myrrh, but I don't get them from this.