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    Fledgling Raptor Moon, Golletes, The Unicorn, Lambs-Wool 2010, Dana O'Shee, Morocco and Joyful Moon so far

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    I love reading and writing, yoga, and running outdoors --I'm a bit of a nature freak. Every full moon, if it's clear outside, I'm usually lying in the grass staring up at the sky. My life revolves around simple joys and I'm just taking it in while I start on the road to who I'm going to be. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
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  1. KrahesPhoenix

    Evening Stock

    For the first hour or so, this is a soft floral, just on the edge of being too strong and "perfumey" for me. After the dry-down it became pleasantly spicy-sweet and a bit green. Nice for a hot summer.
  2. KrahesPhoenix

    Weeping Branches Moon

    This oil and I did not get along when I purchased it back in 2011, but I tried it again today to see if some aging (for both the oil and my nose ) would change that. In the bottle: Soft floral with something fruity. Beautiful and feminine. Wet on my skin: Gorgeously floral with just the right amount of juicy fruit. Not too sweet, nothing too strong, no note seems to be over-taking the other. I think I can just smell the hint of the wood everyone else is talking about and I like it. For a minute I begin to believe this will be the winner that I was hoping for and didn't get in 2011. Dry: Crap. There it is. I don't know if it's the plum blossom or one of the florals that instantly drives me to a headache, but something is so sweet and piercing that I have to wash it off after only 45 minutes. What a downer. The concept is lovely, the artwork just as, but there is something in this that makes my head hurt and I barely dabbed the oil to begin with. This is an oil that will have to find a new home.
  3. KrahesPhoenix

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    Delicious cake and frosting with hints of booze: just plain yum. I wore it yesterday and my mother instantly said "what smells so good? It makes me hungry!" Right now I'm enjoying putting it in my hair because it smells so good there and every time I move my head I catch the scent. Halloween: Vegas is a cake that worked for me like Sprinklecake did not, so I'm pleased.
  4. KrahesPhoenix

    Autumn Cider

    A delicious juicy apple cider that starts out wet as a strong fruit punch but dries down to a spicy, sweet apple cider. It's right up there with Lambs Wool for me with its homey deliciousness.
  5. KrahesPhoenix

    Touched Twice

    I'll probably come back to this review in a few months as I'm kind of on the fence with this oil and I will be testing it some more in the future. In the bottle: Weird sour rose. I'm a little disappointed, because I see a lot of people mentioning "sweet" and "coconut". None to be found here. Wet on the Skin: First off, it kind of burns my skin! This has never happened with any other BPAL before, so I'm a little confused. It's not...painful, it's more...itchy? For all I know I could be allergic to some component, but it's not killing me so whatevs. All I get so far is strong sandalwood and a little rose. Red sandalwood doesn't smell like the toasted sandalwood that I love but it's not bad. Drying Down: Baby Rose and Big Daddy sandalwood. Maybe the tiniest hint of fruity floral in the background but that may be just my nose WISHING it into existence. Overall: I don't know. I like rose, but I don't know if I like it with the red sandalwood. The red sandalwood seems to be dominating and the rose peeks in trying to compete. It's a little weird. Maybe my skin amps sandalwood?
  6. KrahesPhoenix

    Fledgling Raptor Moon

    In the Bottle: Strong sandalwood and spices Wet on the Skin: Sandalwood and carnation, a lovely spicy woodiness that I didn't think I'd love but I DO. It has some decent throw but it's not overpowering--it's actually quite soft to my nose. Dry: Soft sandalwood, more carnation, and a slight powder now...which is pretty par for course, as some oils tend to turn to powder on me after a few hours, but it's not something I particularly mind as long as there's some integrity left. Fledgling Raptor Moon turns to power a lot how Joyful Moon turns to powder on me so I wonder if it's the patchouli as they both contain it. I don't know, I'm not that BPAL experienced. Anyway, I still find it lovely. Overall: I LOVE this and I'm so glad I bought it! Now I fear I might need more than one bottle...
  7. KrahesPhoenix


    In the Imp: Lemon drop candies. Wow. Wet on the Skin: Lemon. Lemon. Did I mention lemon? Because, you know, lemon. I can't smell any jasmine or green tea, because the lemon drops seem to have swallowed it up. Dry: Still lemon-y. This has a certain similarity to lemon-scented pledge for me. Not all together unpleasant, but not something I want on my body. A few hours Later: Toned down lemon and something in the back ground. Maybe the tea? I can't quite tell. Overall: If I wanted to smell like a lemon, this would be it for me. However, I don't understand how lemon = phantasm so I guess I'm a little confused by the association.
  8. KrahesPhoenix

    Dana O'Shee

    Be warned: I'm still "training" my nose and so my descriptions are probably about as clear as mud. In the imp: It smells sweet and nutty, like honeyed almonds. I love the scent of almonds so I couldn't wait to put this on. Wet on the Skin: Almonds (which, by the description given, is probably grains but it SMELLS like almonds to me) and honey, creamy and delicious. I keep sniffing my wrist because it's so soft and light that there's barely any throw at all. Drying down: Still that soft honey and almond smell, very light but pleasant. I wish this was stronger but I'd probably need to slather it on for that and my imp doesn't hold that much as it is. Hours later: It's faded completely and I can no longer smell it at all. Not surprising with how light it started, so it's probably best to slather it if you're looking for more throw and longer staying power. Overall: This is soft, smells of almonds and honey, and it's GC. I love it.
  9. KrahesPhoenix


    Lambs-Wool 2010 This is the apple that I wish Punkie Night was. It's more sweet to my nose, with some lovely spices. Sadly, it only lasts for maybe an hour or two on me before it fades away and I can no longer smell it. This is definitely a fall scent in my opinion. Nice and warm and sweet--it makes you want to curl up on the couch with some spiced cider and watch a movie. I think I'll have to order a bottle of this.
  10. KrahesPhoenix

    Pumpkin Latte

    It smells exactly as it is described and it stays true to that form while dry. Also, it makes me HUNGRY! I'm seriously holding back from licking my arm because I know it's not going to taste good, but it smells soooooo good. I'm def. going to pick up a bottle or two of this.
  11. KrahesPhoenix


    Boo 2010 This is my first Halloween with BPAL so Boo 2010 happens to be one of my first Halloweenies ever, so I obviously haven't tried the older versions of Boo. In the Bottle: Sugary sweet vanilla cotton candy. I'd love to make my whole room smell this sweet! Wet/On the Wrist: Still sugary cotton candy that's got a vanilla flavoring to it. I don't like it as much as I like Golletes, but it's nice none-the-less. Dry: Mmm. Ok, I recognize this smell. It smells like Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works, without the plastic or sharpness to it. I like it. It will be nicer in the colder months, for sure.
  12. KrahesPhoenix


    In the bottle: I want...to eat this. On the Wrist/Wet: Ick, too bread-y for me. It reminds me of Bread-and-Butter-fly, which I did not like. Really hoping for more frosting here. Drying down: THAT'S better! A nice, pink, creamy frosting is creeping out now and it does smell a bit cherry like someone else mentioned. I love this smell. I keep looking at my wrist, expecting some frosting to lick. So far I'm liking this, but it hasn't been an hour yet so we'll see how it changes. ETA: Two hours later, I'm out taking a walk, and I'm continually sniffing my wrist to get that yummy pink frosting smell. This is going to be a comfort bottle, for sure.
  13. KrahesPhoenix


    I didn't enjoy the smell of it from the vial and I don't enjoy the smell of it on my skin, sad to say. It's mostly cream on me with very little bread. It's not something I'd wear or even want in candle form, really. This one just didn't like me and I guess the feeling is mutual.
  14. KrahesPhoenix


    This imp is making me SOOOO hungry! Immediately I get pumpkin pie with a sweet fruitiness which must be the peaches. If I close my eyes I SWEAR there's some whipped cream on top of that pumpkin pie and I realize that I'm huffing my wrist far too much. I will agree with others that in the vial this smells a wee bit too buttery, but when it's on the skin it's very yummy. I can see myself wearing this on an autumn day when I'm feeling down because who doesn't love some warm pumpkin pie with some sweet whipped cream goodness? I think I'll stretch my imp out and see how long I can go before I decide on a bottle or not.
  15. KrahesPhoenix


    Origin: Straight from the lab in an imp In the Bottle: Whoa. Something smells...no. That's what me and my friend said when we smelled it, it was just "no." Something is not right to our noses and it scared me off of Alice for a couple of days. Wet/On the Wrist: So I put on my big girl pants and applied it to my skin despite the bottle smelling horrendous to me. I'm glad I did, because it does not smell so bad on the skin at all. Mostly I'm smelling the milk and honey, which is like a comforting scent. I can see this on me in the winter, wrapped up in a blanket watching movies while it's snowing outside. Dry: It's soft enough where I have to place my nose to my wrist to smell it. It's a bit spicy, I think the carnations are coming through now so it's a creamy, spicy soft little scent. Not bad at all! Now I see why people enjoy Alice. In conclusion, I'm glad I skin tested it and didn't let the bottle smell scare me away for too long. It's a cute scent but I don't know if I'd order a bottle of it. I'll wait and see if I end up craving it before I make that decision.