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  1. capncait

    Golden Sunrise

    I was concerned this would be very similar to Humorous Copulation (Amber cream, white tea, lemon peel, and lotus root) but they're not as similar as I expected! This is straight from the mail, so it's possible this will morph after settling, but the amber cream and ambrette are the real stars here. There's a slight powderiness, but it's very light. The bergamot provides a hint of citrus, but just a hint. It's fresh and creamy, and I'm even getting hints of vanilla in there. It feels perfect for spring and early summer, it's sweet and reminds me of that perfect pastel sundress.
  2. capncait

    I Wish I Were Your Mirror

    Fair warning, this is fresh from the mail because I just couldn't wait. This is interesting! The cassia and cardamom are most prominent in the bottle and also while wet. As it dries down, I'm getting the resins and a nice creaminess. What's interesting is the juxtaposition of these warm spices with the cool, watery notes, while also being creamy and sweet. Very little water lily for me (I don't mind). My skin ate this within 3 or 4 hours, but we'll see what happens after letting it settle from the post. If my impressions change wildly, I'll update this review.
  3. capncait

    Visions of Autumn III

    I really should learn my lesson about blind bottle purchases, and yet, I continue to do so every year. Visions of Autumn III was one I bought before I knew honey isn't one of my favorite notes- it often makes blends smell dry and dusty to my nose. Mixed with patchouli, my first impression is a sweet, dusty, wooden headshop. The cinnamon is also contributing to the overall dryness of this scent. While I agree that the bourbon vanilla is a little resinous and creamy, it isn't enough to combat the dryness of the other notes. I'm sure this would appeal to many, but it isn't for me.
  4. capncait

    The Three Cocks

    I bought the Three Cocks when it debuted in 2014, and I found the clove to be so loud, so shrieking, I found it unbearable- it truly induced migraines. Because of the Three Cocks, I've avoided many clove scents since. I hadn't bothered to trade or sell it away, so every year I'd dutifully give it a sniff and a test to see if the clove was still stomping around. I was ready to write it off as lost cause. Until today. The clove has finally mellowed, allowing the resins to take center stage. They are creamy and support the sweet red musk. It reminds me of a dreamy carnation blend, and I'm ever so thankful that FINALLY SIX+ YEARS LATER, Three Cocks has become the spicy resin and musk blend I had wanted.
  5. capncait

    Figs and Fig Scents - alone and in combos

    chanting ALWAYS FIG! ALWAYS FIG! Strangler Fig is one of my grails. Also in my collection of bottles: Tabella Berry Moon Boadicea (x2 because I loved it) Ushi Improvisation (incredible!) Atsui-Mono Voluptuous Wantonness
  6. capncait

    Nothing is Unexpected, Nothing is Foresworn

    So thick and juicy. I loved how this transformed- it went from berries and incense in the bottle, to a strong wine while wet, and then during the dry down, the smokey ash came to the fore, only to have the juicy wine and creamy resins return. Incredibly lovely, decent throw, I'm so glad I pulled the trigger on this!
  7. capncait

    Closet Raid

    WOWZA. This is elegant, indeed. I'm not picking up on the Snake Oil, but Closet Raid certainly reminds me of Chanel No. 5 with a hint of white floral and lavender. It's perfect. Low throw and short wear, on my skin. Very clean. I did try this straight out of a cold mailbox, so I will be interested to see how this develops as it settles from the shipping process. I'm certain it will only get better with time.
  8. capncait

    The Instructional Manual

    The Instructional Manual is probably the most "innocent" red musk has ever smelled on me. Don't get me wrong, it is plenty sexy, but sweet and wholesome at the same time. I have to give it to Beth, once again, for capturing the essence of the art. Overall, the red musk is simply a vehicle for the other notes. While I can get the bourbon vanilla, it feel that it simply is adding more creaminess. The true stars of this show are the floral cherry blossoms and the strawberry cream. For me, those notes are the most prominent in the bottle, and they remain prominent both wet and during the drydown. As the blend settles on my skin, the strawberry mellows, but the creaminess remains. The throw on this perfume is great for about 4 hours, and then it becomes a very subtle skin scent after that. Despite that, still beautiful and one of my favorites.
  9. capncait

    Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder 2010 This is a lovely amber blend. The amber does develop into that powdery, dusty note, but there is a hint of creaminess and spice that help to balance the amber. I get the sweet leather the previous poster noted. Like I said, lovely.
  10. capncait

    The Nutcracker

    i need to retest this. i popped all of my decants out the moment i got them in the mail, and have found that my first impressions were way off from what they ultimately smell like. to me, the Nutcracker comes off like a masculine incense blend. there is a certain astringency to it. the fig isn't the plump, sweet fig note of other blends. to my nose, this is a dryer note that helps to ground the incense a bit. this is quite the comforting blend though. i might have to tie the boyfriend down and do some skin tests on him. it could be quite sexy.
  11. capncait

    Großvater Tanz

    this is too much for me. this is the first run-in i've ever had with a foodie scent that almost made me gag. it might just be my chemistry right now, but it almost makes my teeth hurt it so sweet. i definitely got the candied fruits in it, but something in the creaminess turned this into artificial maple syrup and cream. i can imagine that this really appeals to many people, but my body is definitely repelling this, and i ended up smelling like pancakes all day.
  12. capncait

    The Soldier

    The Soldier is all torrid fantasies and lust. I know a lot of reviewers have said they feel this is the red musk note of snake oil, but there is something just slightly different to me. This does remind me of Smut 2010, but the leather adds a different dimension that I am REALLY enjoying. but now I have to decide... do I upgrade my decant to a full bottle? Do I own too many red musk scents that seem so similar to the soldier already?
  13. capncait

    A Game Called Yes & No

    so i finally learned my lesson about trying out my oils the moment i pop them out of the mailbox... i got my order the evening i was driving home for Thanksgiving, so I purposely didn't pack them because i have a serious lack of willpower. so today i pulled out A Game Called Yes & No. I would be working from home today, so i didn't have to worry if i reaked of booze or if it was an absolute fail. when i open the imp: juicy, jammy, dark purple fruits! it isn't overtly boozy to my nose. wet: now its wine. a rich red wine that isn't bitter. no almond icing to speak of. dry, first 30 minutes or so: wow this has transitioned from a juicy, sweet and sour berry to a much more subtle mulled wine. the spices have finally come to the forefront, and rather than that sickly almond scent that i can't stand, the marzipan is smooth and mellow, happily staying in the background. despite the wine note, something about the combination reminds me of the way my strawberry shortcake dolls smelled. it gives me an impression of sweet innocence rather than swarthy booziness. but i like it!
  14. capncait

    Durian Fruit Infused Honey with Brandy

    i am an avid fan of food and travel shows, so when i was first read this as a limited edition, i wasn't clamoring to get it because all i could think of was, "i recognize that note... you mean that custard-like spiked fruit that smells like rot? no thanks." well i got this as a tester in a swap, and i am glad i tried it. it has this beautiful sweet custard smell with just a faint touch of apple to fruit it up a bit. initially, there is this really intense booze note, cause brandy wants all the attention and doesn't care where she is getting it from, but fear not, this bawdy lady calms down in a couple of minutes and realizes there is enough attention to go around. after the booze fades, this is all sweet custard and honey (custard without being a dairy product. charmingly mellow and lovely). if it lasted for hours, i would buy 4 bottles of this. sadly, it does not last on me. i always seem to be looking for a scent that puts me in an all-day alcohol-induced stupor, a la SMUT, but alas, this is not the cocktail for me.
  15. capncait

    Jerusalem Cherry Infused Honey

    when i first put this on, it smelled green and lush (no honey), really reminiscent of the smell that comes off tomato leaves on my hands when i'm messing around in the garden. i am surprised by how much i like this stage! as it mellows, goes from reminding me of a tomato soap (i think it was burt's bees?) to an herbal shampoo. all three stages of this dry down is really interesting... but then, POOF ITS GONE! and all i am left with is a sweet wisp of herbs, so faint and undetectable, i am sorry to see it go so quickly! too bad, i was quite enjoying this garden romp.