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    Blends - Samhain, Hecate, Burial... Notes - Amber, pomegranate, Dragon's blood, myrrh, vetiver. General - Most "incensey" and "witchy" scents Least favorite notes: Lotus, leather, mint, musk is hit and miss, whatever it is in Nosferatu that smells of rotting corpse, whatever it was in Puck that smelled of horse poop...

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  1. coyoterose

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    For other scent-clone seekers... To my nose, Snake Oil smells just like Coty Émeraude. That scent was a favorite as a child so I was really happy to have it back in my hot little hands. Also, the much-maligned LE Numb is very much like Estée Lauder Youth-Dew. Grandma wore that one when I was small and I always liked it. Does anyone know of any BPAL scents that are close to Chantilly by Dana? My childhood perfume collection would be complete with that one.
  2. coyoterose

    Blinding Glory of Love

    Scent: It's a dead-ringer for Spellbound from the GC. This is good as I loved Spellbound. Efficacy: Take this with the necessary sodium chloride... Being the shy type, the "amorous reactions without discretion" part concerned me so I decided to try focusing the oil. The night before I wore it I held the imp in my hands and focused on the Object of my Desire (Cutie I just met at my new job.) and how much I like him, plus a little affirmation that came to mind. When I felt the oil was sufficiently "charged" I put it away and went to bed. Just before I went in to work the next day I anointed the heels of my hands and for good measure my heart chakra. I repeated my little chant once as I did so. I was delighted to see that Object of my Desire and I had been assigned to work together for the day! Long story short: We talked (and flirted!) almost non-stop through the entire shift, discovering in the process we have a great deal in common. There was lots of unnecessary touching and we went to lunch together to boot. A week later it hadn't let up, even though I misplaced my BGoL imp for three days and was making due with La Flamme. He comes to see me on his break and we've even talked about how, yes, we're very attracted to each other. ♥! So, I would say Blinding Glory of Love works, in as much as it "... brings out sexual desire as well as romantic inclinations..." No significant change in how other people react to me, so I figure the charging did it's job.
  3. I know this is not helpful at all, since it's also a limited scent, but to my nose Anaconda was almost a clone of Trick or Treat.
  4. Funny that you mention that. On me, Count Dracula was a dead-ringer for Cool Water. I also find that something in Snake Oil reminds me a great deal of Coty's Emeraude. That's always been one of my favorites and what helped me get hooked on BPAL.
  5. coyoterose


    Used in works of nemesis and just punishment. Creates a beacon to the Kindly Ones. Use with extreme caution. The one oil no one will use, or at least admit to using, and here I am with the first review! In the vial: The initial sniff is powder with an undertone of vetiver. As a vetiver fan, I am pleased. Then, surging up from underneath to grab me by the nose hairs and pull is that foul, musky, dirty-horse-stall note that made me dislike Puck. Civet, I presume? Even if one wasn't aware of this oil's intended purpose, one could tell it's not meant for casual perfume use. It smells like it means business. On skin: This is purely accidental, as I did not wish to get any on me. From what I could tell by the tidbit left on my finger from opening the imp, this oil does not shift much. The powder fades, but that musky note lingers. Efficacy: For the curious, what made me take the risk and break out my decant was reading that Joshua and Justin Moulder received a measly ten year sentence for their absolutely heinous torture and murder of a three month old puppy. I can't bear to repeat what those monsters did to that poor baby so Google their names for more if you feel the need. Even if it is the maximum sentence allowed, it falls far, far from justice. The crime made me sick and the idea of them being eligible for parole made me even sicker. So I brought out Spiritwrack in hopes of some jailhouse justice. Sadly, because this case is not something I'm personally involved in nor which will stay in the news, I'll probably never know if or what effect the oil had. However, after the ritual was over, I did feel lighter. The rage and horror that had been plaguing me all week got up and left when I dismissed the Quarters. It wasn't a peaceful feeling of release, such as I've felt with Anthelion. This was the distinct impression of the darkness getting up and going elsewhere; with any luck, towards the objects of the ritual!
  6. As I happily sniff myself into a coma with my Order of the Dragon scents, I have noticed that GC Wolf's Heart is a close cousin of The Castle. They both have the dragon's blood with dusty spice thing going on.
  7. I'm updating my BPAL spreadsheet and thought I'd share some impressions. Jabberwocky: Reminds me a lot of Yuletide. Juicy "berries" with a bite of pine. I don't know why I get berries when there's no berry component mentioned, but I don't have the most sophisticated olfactory palette in the world, either. Tarot - Strength: To my nose, this one smelled almost identical to Beltane 2005. I haven't done a side-by-side comparison yet, but when I do I'll update spam the thread. Tarot - Judgement: Again, I'll need to compare the two directly, but I think this one would make an awesome substitute for The Cracked Bell. It struck me as dragon's blood with smokey incense.
  8. Having just tried my newly-acquired imp of The Hierophant, I find it to be a very close cousin of Jacob's Ladder. They both have a dominant amber note to my nose. The reviews of The Hierophant mention cinnamon and clove, but I'm not getting anything like that. Just nice, sweet, smokey amber. So if you've been hoarding Jacob's Ladder like I have, this may the answer to your slathering prayers.
  9. coyoterose

    CCNow or PayPal

    Oh, dear... never realized that. Crap, I shoulda been making my orders PayPal instead of CCNow all along. Just sent one in today and everything. I didn't realize it was that much of a difference. Sorry Ditto on this! If I'd known that, I never would have used CCNow.
  10. coyoterose


    I'm not sure I have the chutzpah to try this one on again, because the first and only time I did I was struck by the fact that it really did smell like a dead body! You see, I've had the misfortune in my life to have had to deal with more than one animal corpse that had, um, been there a while? Thusly, I'm more familiar with the "scent of death" than I care to be. I don't know how Beth did it, but that scent is the predominate one in this blend for me. It obviously lacks the putrid quality that makes tummies turn, but it's the same heavy, sweet, "dead" odor of what's left behind when a being passes on. It's a technical marvel, but conjures too many bad memories for me.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a catalog scent that mimics Harvest Moon? I got an imp last year, was dying to order a bottle this year and then up and missed it. I'm also wondering about the existence of any siblings for Neptune, Pluto, or Chiroptera? Coyoterose