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  1. thelaurenator

    Celeste Bath Salts

    Beautiful. It smells like honey and saffron... I love it. I just wish this came in more attractive packaging. At least in a plastic tube or something? The plastic bag was insultingly unattractive and inconvenient, especially for the price!
  2. thelaurenator


    I must have gotten a bottle heavy on vanilla orchid, because this is allllll vanilla orchid on me with some underlying saffron. It smells quite like Regan did on me, only slightly sweeter and more interesting because of the saffron. Exactly what I hoped it would smell like!
  3. thelaurenator

    The Phoenix in Summer

    Well, this definitely has that famous BPAL aquatic note, but, believe it or not, it's very subdued. I agree with plainjean; this DOES smell like a rain storm in the summer in Florida. It really reminds me of wet pavement smell, only with a dry, crackly saffron note. As it dries down, it becomes more perfumey, and the aquatic note fades even more into the background. I wish there was more nepalese amber in this scent, as it's my favorite note, but I also love saffron and the saffron is really key in this blend. I haven't smelled anything like this in the entire BPAL catalog; it's very unique.
  4. thelaurenator


    This is nice, but on my skin the prominent note is rhubarb. It smells very similar to tart, lemony note except a bit more sweet and "red" smelling, if that makes any sense. I was hoping for more nepalese amber, but nope. This is pure rhubarb and musk. However, the musk smells like a white or pale musk, not like a swoony dark musk. It's pretty, just not what I was hoping for. Oh well!
  5. thelaurenator

    The Lights of Men's Lives

    I agree with most of the other reviewers that The Lights of Men's Lives smells like very very sweet vanilla-scented candles in the bottle. But, when I put it on my skin, I get a REALLY strong smokey note, which is weird because most reviewers aren't getting much smoke. I think I amp smoke usually, so I'm not surprised... but I'm really loving the creamy warmth of the beeswax with the smell of smoke. This isn't my ideal smokey scent, but it's still really, really pretty.
  6. thelaurenator

    Hexennacht (2008)

    Oh, this is just GORGEOUS. I tried the 05 version, and it didn't work for me. But this is to die for on my skin. It's much more feminine than the 05 version and the sweet amber combined with the foresty smokiness of it... it's just heavenly. I want to roll around in this. I'm definitely going to need more than just my half-bottle.
  7. thelaurenator


    Hm. This one was not what I was expecting, although after reading the reviews, it's pretty much how everyone else described it. Aquatic, cologne-y, very, very green. It smells like freshly cut grass covered in dew, with maybe some bonfire smoke wafting in some several blocks away. But the smoke note is FAINT. If this were just ever-so-slightly more smoky, and maybe with something a touch more feminine (amber, maybe?) this would be lovely. But, just on its own, it wasn't what I was looking for.
  8. thelaurenator


    My initial reaction was something like, "Oh dear gods, this is like Drink Me only WORSE." It was BUTTER. A massive, artery-clogging onslaught of butter. But, I managed to wait it out, and the drydown was actually really pretty. The butteriness subsided a bit, and I could smell a really rich, sweet pumpkin and peach with a really nice strong clove. The peach really does give this scent a "glowing" feel. I like it.
  9. thelaurenator

    Scent Recs based on your PERSONALITY!

    I'm thinking Lyonesse for you! It has a kind of watery feel without being a sharp aquatic, and I think the rich amber smells would satisfy the earthiness in you. Okay everyone, do me if you can. I am straight up weird. I'm an INFJ, which is the rarest Myers-Briggs personality type (and trust me, I wish I weren't). I'm well-liked but an outcast at the same time. I'm deeply attracted to sensual and beautiful things. I love colors, smells, tastes, and sounds... I'm also an intellectual. I'm applying for a Ph.D. in history and women's studies this fall. I love art, and I love everything that is old-fashioned. I am obsessed with animals. I need a lot of "me" time each day and I hate crowds. I have an eclectic taste, scent-wise. I'll try anything. For me, it's about chemistry more than notes.
  10. thelaurenator


    This is lovely. The bottle I have is super aged, and the lovely BPALer who sold it to me claims it has mellowed a lot with age. On, I get a cedar-y woodsmoke smell, and very, very subdued vetiver. It really smells great mixed with a more feminine perfume, and gives me a really nice perfumey bonfire scent. It has great throw, and I smell like I've just been to a bonfire out in the woods, which was exactly what I was looking for. I love this.
  11. thelaurenator

    Candles Moon

    This smells like a beautiful Christmas candle! I get just the tiniest hint of milk here, which for me is good. The lab's milk note tends to smell like baby spit up on me, but not in this blend! I get a lot of rich fruit and cinnamon, candle wax, and the smell of a cool winter wind.
  12. thelaurenator

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    Ooooh I HATED this wet. Red musk is god awful on my skin-- it makes me smell like a prostitute, seriously. It smells trashy on my skin. But the dry down is a totally different story. It's really, really lovely. I get just a hint of clove. It reminds me of classic, expensive orientals like Poison and Opium. It's got a lot of depth and richness.
  13. thelaurenator


    Damn. This smells great in the vial-- clean cotton and fluffy marshmallow-- but the moment it hits my skin, I get vanilla play-doh. Foody fail, yet again. Damn my skin chemistry!
  14. thelaurenator

    The Girl

    On me, this is mostly a vanilla-y amber musk. It's light, though, with a hint of flowers. I like it. It reminds me of L'Estate, even though they smell nothing alike. I'd say they're the same genre-- lots of delicious, pale amber and musk and light flowers. This might be bottle worthy...
  15. thelaurenator

    Something smells like expensive French perfume....

    Get your hands on some Snake Charmer if possible. Smells like an expensive French oriental. Personally, I like Coco by Chanel better so I didn't need both. Belle Epoque smells french to me, as does the Salon Lucretia.