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  1. simpsonmeredith

    Carceri d'Invenzione

    In decant: sharp and very sweet frankincense Wet: Dry, sweet and spicy, cinnamon and pepper together. Sandlewood is definitely a player. Dry: The cinnamon just starts to fade and it's becoming less sweet. Not getting any tobacco. (I'm not familiar with blonde tobacco so maybe I'm missing it.) This is much softer than I expected. 2 hours later: This is a powdery, sweetened incense on me, not in a bad way. It's much girlier on me than I had thought possible.
  2. simpsonmeredith

    Flowering Chrysanthemums

    This was beautiful in the bottle and during the wet stages. Dark resins with spicy vanilla and amazing florals. I typically can't stand florals but I'm going to have to put chrysanthemum and marigolds in the carnation category of love after this. I really wanted to love this. Amber incense with vanilla and sandalwood? Come on, this was meant for me. Unfortunately, something in here turns to soap during the drydown.
  3. simpsonmeredith


    This is what I wanted Tiki Queen to be. Wet: Musk, floral and coconut are all competing for my attention. The tobacco flower is saying "Me! Me! Pick Me!" but my skin immediately sends it to the corner and amps up the amber, musk and dry coconut. Mmmm. Dry: Soft and sultry coconut. The top note is scented coconut cake. I don't mean a sweet coconut icing, I mean the real honest to goodness cake baked with coconut cream and extract straight from the oven. The amber and musk are light but add a lot of warmth. They keep this from being foody. I know I'm saying coconut cake but can't emphasis enough that this isn't sweet or foody. The tobacco flower is far in background and it lets me feel like I'm wearing a floral without being FLORAL. It's a dirty floral. Very sexy. Dry, 2 Hours: The amber and musk are blending really well with the coconut. Lovely. Dry, 8 Hours: This has staying power and even a decent throw throughout all the stages. I can't stop wearing this one. This is a perfect spring/summer scent. Love it and waiting for my bottle to arrive because my decant is close to empty already. ETA: I just looked at the notes again. It must be the oakmoss that's making that dirty floral.
  4. simpsonmeredith

    Couple Consulting an Enpon

    This is the most bizarre BPAL experience. I thought it was kinda crazy when Beth bottled dirt. I don't wear Graveyard Dirt, but I covet my decant because it's just an incredible piece of art. But this one is sorta weird. Beth bottled what my sweat smells like when I don't wear deodorant. In the decant: Umm, that's what my armpits smell like. I must be losing my mind so I have my husband sniff the decant. His face looks puzzled and he smells it again by request. "mmm, that smells like you." Although I've been spending a lot of effort since puberty to cover this up, apparently my husband likes it and we're distracted for awhile. Wet: Hello mint. This isn't sweet sugared peppermint, this is straight mint from the leaves in your momma's garden. Dry: A bit of flower comes out, subtle but the mint is still powerful. There is a stage of blackberry that is quiet nice but then my woodsy BO smell is in the background. Finally, it settles: Blackberry BO with just a touch of mint. I have no idea whether I should get a bottle of this or not. Part of me actually likes it and the other part of me thinks I'm behaving like Mary Katherine Gallagher.
  5. simpsonmeredith


    The dark, of night. Teak, frankincense, caramel, oakmoss, red currant, labdanum absolute, bitter clove, patchouli, star anise, tobacco, and black musk. Gorgeous. I adore the teak in this. Wet: It goes on with strong teak, patchouli and tobacco. It's a heavy resin. Definitely a little clove but no sweetness. Caramel and currants? Not here. Dry: Teak wood and tobacco. The black musk is here but it blends beautifully into the background with the patchouli. This is the sultry scent I've been looking for. The teak in this is similar to the one in glowing vulva but more demanding. It dominates on me and I love it. Can't wait to slather on the husband. One Hour Later: There is a teeny, tiny hint of fruit but I'm really huffing my wrist to pinpoint it.
  6. simpsonmeredith

    Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel

    This reminds me of Red Lantern so much that I had to do a wrist by wrist comparison. On me, Red Lantern is sweeter and boozy caramel when it dries down. Pepper-Smoked Caramel is a darker, slightly-burnt caramel with heavy bonfire smoke. LOVE IT. If you enjoyed Red Lantern, this really is worth a try. Personally, this is much sexier than RL. There is a lot of comparison to Gluttony in the reviews but that isn't the case on me. Despite being chocolate and caramel, the sweetness is definitely in the background but it's not a main player note-wise.
  7. simpsonmeredith


    Wet: Sharp orange spiked with spicy ginger. I'm talking Wusthof knife sharp here. And is that...a minty patchouli? Dry: It's a morpher and it's beautiful! It's a creamy orange blossom with sugared ginger. I don't smell vanilla specifically but it must be causing the creaminess. The ginger is very light and clean. CleaIt's literally naughty and nice. This just gets better and better. Can't keep my wrist away from my nose. *nuzzles self* This is going to get a lot of love from me this summer. This is seductive. Total sex kitten.
  8. simpsonmeredith

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    I was wondering how White Chocolate and Strawberry compared to American Cream. So many reviews seem to remind me of American Cream. Thoughts?
  9. simpsonmeredith


    This was frimped to me last year. No idea how old it was but it's definitely changed since I first got it. Wet: This is nice! Very spicy and deep. Love the resins with the ginger. This isn't foody at all but it does have some of the gingerbread spice mix going on: cloves, allspice, mace but without a hint of cinnamon that usually ads brings a bit of sweetness. This isn't clean, fresh ginger. This is the smell of ginger that is dirty and raw and burning. Wicked, naughty Shub! Dry: Just when Shub was about to seduce me for a dinner sacrifice for her kids -- I ate her first. And all of her children. There is nothing left. My skin chemistry annihilated her in less that 10 minutes. *CHOMP* All gone.
  10. simpsonmeredith


    Wet: Hello, Minotaur!!!!! A GC version of Minotaur is a happy discovery indeed! Dry: Oh, crud. This is another frimp that I didn't look the notes up before trying. There is rose in this and on any normal person, I'm sure it's a beautiful floral note behind the sexiest of myrrhs. On me though, it's overpowering, spoiled rose. No myrrh. No jasmine. If you liked Minotaur, you should try this. I imagine that the rose makes this a feminine/softer version of Minotaur. I am so jealous of all of you that can wear rose. *pouts*
  11. simpsonmeredith


    If ever there was a perfume to wear to church on Easter Sunday, this would be it. There is a little sugar, a little spice and the carnation makes everything nice. If people hadn't praised this as much as they had, I would never have tried it because I dislike milk and rose notes. Milk notes go sour on me and it reminds of baby spit up. Rose smells amazing in flower form and on other people but on me, it's a funeral parlor. So Alice is a huge surprise because I'm not amping rose or spoiled milk. In fact, I can't smell either. The carnation is the dominant note and it's just clean and sweet in the background. Alice definitely had a bubble bath before she was allowed out to play. A very clean little girl who loves flowers and cake. Love it!
  12. simpsonmeredith


    This was not what I was expecting. In Bottle: Dirty orange. Dirty, dirty orange. Wet: For two brief seconds this is sweet orange and I think I made a mistake in getting a bottle. Then it morph...dramatically. The orange blossom is there but far in the background. This is where it gets weird, within about a minute it starts to smell like an innocent Shub-Niggurath. This is her younger sister. Don't get me wrong, she's a randy little thing but in a good girl gone naughty sort of way. Now, I'm really excited because I loved Shub but it fades within a few minutes on me. Dry: The vanilla and amber are kicking into gear but the spiciness lingers. The floral note is very soft but not overwhelming, it just adds a bit of sweetness. I normally can't wear florals but I'm not having any problems with this. (I'm not amping the floral at all and no headaches either) The vanilla here is spicy. This is not a sugary vanilla, the amber makes sure of that.
  13. simpsonmeredith

    The Knave of Hearts

    I got this as a frimp and wasn't familiar with the notes with I tried it. I often like to try things before ready the notes because it's more fun for me to try to guess. Big mistake in this case. In Bottle: OMG, this smells similar to Underpants with a floral background. Had to try this immediately as it is AMAZING. Wet: Oh, this is a tricksy fellow indeed. That floral is immediately recognized the second it hits my skin: Rose. Strong, overwhelming rose. Dry: Rose and more rose. If there are other notes in, they are lost on me. If you amp rose in a bad way, this is a no go. Rose smells so good in the bottle and on others, but once it hits me all you get is old ladies in a funeral home. This was really disappointing because it's amazing in the Bottle. If you can wear rose and liked Underpants, please try this. I think you will love it.
  14. simpsonmeredith

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    Do you remember Red Hots? That's exactly what this is. As is dries a bit of the caramel comes out. It's sweet but not cloying. The cardamon/cinnamon keeps that in check. It's a red hot, not sure what else to even say. If you want to smell naughty, this is it. It really needs a sexy devil outfit to go with it. ETA: There is the chocolate! The groundhog was hoarding but after about two hours, he decided to share. This morphed into a very warm chocolate and caramel. This is not a sweet scent though.
  15. simpsonmeredith

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    Bottled sex pheromones. In bottle: sage and wood. I love this in the bottle but I think it's because of the association I have with it. It's an instant turn on. Drydown: Leather amps up. The cedar is there but very light in the background. As it continues to dry, a smoky vanilla comes out and the scent does lighten somewhat. And then the cedar comes back out but more woodsy than cedar. It's very well blended. I don't smell the carnation specifically but that might be what ends up lightening the scent during the drydown. Now this is with my body chemistry. On my husband it is similar, but it's literally the more masculine version. It's deeper, a little more woodsy, a little smokier. The vanilla is much darker but definitely there and definitely not sweet. As a sidenote, the imp I tried and the bottle I have were not straight from the lab. I have no idea how old they are so this may be something that needs to age but it well worth aging if that's the case. Yum.