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  1. Lordy, I love Count Dracula. When my stash runs out (and it will sooner or later) I will be sad.

  2. givesgoodemail

    Dragon Snugs

    I usually ramp honey hard, but this one's not so bad. The peppercorn started quietly but got loud pretty fast (still during drydown). I get a bit of the beeswax throughout, but it's playing quietly in the corner. 8 out of 10.
  3. givesgoodemail

    Dragon Sneeze

    In the bottle: wet orange with a lot of sharpness behind it (probably the ginger) On the skin wet: very sharp citrus with a lot of botanical behind it (ginger and tea maybe?) Drydown: there's the orange still strong. No trace of the musk. Not my favorite, but nice in its way. The love child of a ginger root and a sentient, angry orange tree.
  4. givesgoodemail


    Wet on the skin: conflicted. Leather, amber, and musk fight for prominence, with no one winning. Drydown: Leather seems to be winning, but the amber and musk declared a truce and seem to be getting along decently. Not my favorite scent, although it has some of my favorite notes. Occasional wear at best.
  5. givesgoodemail


    I created this scent as a symbol of solidarity. It is an autumn scent, swirled with fall leaves, huddled against the cold winds of November. We’re together in this fight. You’re not alone. Bourbon vanilla and vintage champaca absolute with sweet patchouli, dried red fruits, leather accord, pumpkin rind, and a splash of bourbon. We have been wrestling with how to disburse funds for this scent for over a week, and decided that the best impact we can make is by helping the ACLU fight voter suppression. Just got the bottle yesterday, and it is surprisingly . . . foody. (Or perhaps not.) In the bottle: strong vanilla and pumpkin notes, and sweeter than I'd thought it would be. Wet on the skin: the patchouli rises a bit, and there's no mistaking the bourbon notes. The throw decreases some. More updates as it dries. Drydown: sweet fruity bourbon with the pumpkin and the leather JUST peeking out at you (barely).
  6. givesgoodemail

    Dragon Eating Bees

    Wet on skin: BAM! the dragon's blood whomps up on the non-floral honey. The beeswax mellows the entire mix just a bit. Drydown: I have never had three notes work so well together -- so well that in fact I cannot easily discern one note from the other three. Good throw, and we'll see how long it lasts. Another (bee)keeper!
  7. givesgoodemail

    Whole Unto Herself

    Life imposes so many restrictions on us as we climb through the years: responsibilities, challenges, hardship. Lilith, my baby, may you soar through it with exuberance and grace. Never lose your joy and your sense of self, the triumph of daily pleasures, and the freedom of your soul. May the sorrows of the world never calcify around you; may the sorrows of the world never dim your light or silence your song. A prayer for my daughter: frankincense, rose, and white lilies. In the bottle: the pungence of frankincense, softened by the flower notes slightly. Perhaps a hint of anise? Very attractive. Wet on the skin: Lillies rise to prominence and is fighting it out with the fragrance. A little softer than in the bottle -- still good. I like it so far. Not my favorite frankincense, and lillies are not always my friend. But I am liking it so far.
  8. givesgoodemail

    Dragon's Eye - Resurrected

    These long-dead scents are back for a limited time in a slightly tweaked form! A piercing, radiant perfume: dragon's blood resin, lily of the valley, lilac and galbanum. Dragon's Eye! First! In the bottle: the dragon's blood and lily are fighting each other -- pretty much an even match so far. Wet on the skin: the lily wins! Very strong, heavy floral. The dragon's blood is down hard for the count. No sign of the other notes. Drydown: the dragon's blood opens an eye and reminds me that it is still there. The florals are surprisingly strong, considering my body's habit of ramping dragon's blood way up. Not my favorite because of the strong lily.
  9. givesgoodemail

    Crib Girls

    A bright-harsh lemony overlay, with heavy honey overtones, freshly applied. There is enough of "that something" to the lemon that I think is the cardamom adding a spicy tone to it. Drydown: lemon settled down, and honey jumps out and yells "BOO!" with the cardamom at its feet going "Yeah, boo."
  10. givesgoodemail

    Quick Grope Under the Mistletoe

    Picked this up in an online sale, and I get a lot of different notes: mulled cider, apples, fresh-cut soft evergreen, heavy baking spices, and HOME. That's it! Just HOME. (And it throws strongly on me, and lasts all day.)
  11. givesgoodemail

    Count Dracula

    Count Dracula was my very first BPAL scent, and it remains my very favorite. I ramp the ginger and wood scents pretty well, I throw it pretty strongly, and the sense memories it invokes are sublime. I am *always* on the lookout for C.D.; just snagged a partial bottle from a real sweetheart of a guy in Canada.