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  1. Ajila

    Scents that help you study

    It may sound obvious but the TAL Concentration is amazing for studying. I really wouldn't want to do an exam without it anymore.
  2. Ajila

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I don't really know the answer, but I had a parcel from a decant circle in the US sent back by the postal service and it took the best part of 3 months to get back to it's origin, so it may still have a while to go before it turns up.
  3. Ajila

    Sweets to the Sweet

    In the bottle - A gentle honey with a rich treacly undertone Wet on me - A sweet almost lemony fizzy sherbet scent Dry on me - A sweet soft floral honey with an almost anise-like undertone Overall - Whilst I do like this I don't love it as much as I expected to
  4. Ajila


    In the bottle - Coconuts with a slight sense of suntan lotion and a slightly salty note Wet on me - A soft calm coconut oil with a greenness beneath Dry on me - It disappeared fairly quickly Overall - Never really grabbed me
  5. Ajila

    The Harlot's House

    In the bottle - A high pitched sweet/sharp floral bouquet with a hint of pepper beneath Wet on me - Sharp green sappy florals with a hint of pepper Dry on me - A calm cool floral Overall - It's quite a classy scent, but it's not really me
  6. Ajila


    In the bottle - Smoky furniture wax Wet on me - A dash of surprisingly acidic musk cuts out from beneath the wax Dry on me - A cool, smooth masculine musk Overall - It's not really me, but it is very sexy
  7. Ajila


    In the bottle - A green floral with an apple-y undertone Wet on me - A slightly high pitched green soapy floral, basically lily of the valley Dry on me - A soft green soapy floral Overall - Lily of the valley isn't my cup of tea and thus was all lily of the valley on me
  8. Ajila


    In the bottle - A smoky, peppery sort of scent with an almost salty undertone Wet on me - A dry smoky scent with a hint of pepper Dry on me - A clean green smoke scent Overall - I guess my skin amped the smoke note, actually at times I could have sworn there was vetiver in there
  9. Ajila


    In the bottle - A sweet, floral honey Wet on me - Clean white honey with a hint of musk Dry on me - Clean skin musks with hints of a very floral honey Overall - I was sort of hoping this would resemble Antique Lace, but whilst it's pleasant enough it doesn't grab me
  10. Ajila


    In the bottle - Bright zingy grapefruit. Very like the post's Lightening Storm HG Wet on me - A spiky sappy green citrus scent Dry on me - A soft gentle musk with hints of citrus Overall - I don't know if I should be surprised, but I am by the mellow softness of this blend
  11. Ajila

    Yule Cookie

    In the bottle - A sour/sharp cream cheese like smell Wet on me - Still mostly that sourness although with a fruity sweetness beneath Dry on me - A sweet bakery scent comes through Overall - Just doesn't come grab me
  12. Ajila

    Wicked Matriarch

    In the bottle - Dark, muddy patchouli Wet on me - A light citrusy sweet floral comes through Dry on me - This disappears quite quickly on me Overall - Never seemed to settle on my skin
  13. Ajila


    In the bottle - Mostly jasmine and a touch of myrrh Wet on me - A soft gentle rose comes out against a smoky myrrh Dry on me - A pretty rose Overall - Better than I expected because the jasmine didn't show up, but still not really me.
  14. Ajila

    The Visionary

    In the bottle - Musk with a smokiness that I think must be the peat behind it Wet on me - A musty mossy soil that I imagine is the peat Dry on me - The dark loam of the peat and soft green blur of the heather Overall - The one note I wanted to not get from this was the peat and that was pretty much all I got
  15. Ajila

    To Juan at the Winter Solstice

    In the bottle - A sweet rich rose with a touch of honey and a hint of bergamot Wet on me - Such a light pretty green scent with an unctuous honey behind it Dry on me - A light green floral honey Overall - I feel it could have done with a little more depth