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  1. punkmercutio

    Right Ventricle

    In the bottle: Immediately I think of a cup of orange juice, freshly squeezed. It's more sweet than tangy and I'm not getting any lime right off the bat. Some floral from the ylang ylang. Wet: Very sweet orange. Still no lime for me, but the ylang ylang and benzoin are more prominent once it's on the skin. Dry: Mostly ylang ylang, with the sweet orange and benzoin hovering just behind. There was an odd stickiness when I applied it, like I was rubbing straight orange juice onto my skin, and it remained as it dried down.
  2. punkmercutio


    Got this as a frimp for a purchase made at Midsummer Scream 2019. In the imp: Sweet, floral, woody. I wouldn't necessarily call it "light" but words like "soaring" keep coming to mind. The anise is very present and makes me think of pho, which is a bit odd at first but ultimately makes me very nostalgic for family gatherings with giant pots of pho broth on the stove. Wet: On my skin, the floral fades away almost completely into a woody pepperiness. Dry: There's a lingering sweetness and a little pepperiness. It's mostly sandalwood and anise now, but the anise has calmed down. Hell of a throw but it doesn't bother me. I like it enough that I'm contemplating getting a full bottle after my imp runs out.
  3. punkmercutio

    Eat the Strawberries

    Received as a freebie for stopping at the booth at Midsummer Scream in 2018. In the imp: Super sweet, a bit tart. It reminds me so much of strawberry bubblegum actually makes my mouth water a little, which I don't find to be a bad thing. It does mean that I don't find it to be a totally fresh strawberry scent. There's definitely something a little chemical to it. Wet: Somehow there's an even sharper chemical note to it once it's on my skin. It's almost off-smelling but not enough that I would call it "rotten." Instead, I'd say it's got a little bit of a sinister edge to it. Dry: As it dries, it fades into a little bit more of an organic strawberry scent, though still bubblegum-y and a little sinister. Decent throw. Lasts a handful of hours but by the end I have to get right up next to the skin to sense it.