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  1. biggerkrissy

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    anyone have ideas for GCs that smell like midway? i poked around to see if it's already been addressed, but didn't see anything. i LOVE midway, but only have about 50% of my bottle left!
  2. biggerkrissy

    The Star

    that's funny - now that i read it, i can totally put my finger on it. i do get a little spooky from my star. it's that really fresh mint kind of smell. i love it, though some days it's a little much. i wish i got the more tropical vibe. i'm desperately searching lately for something warm and tropical. but the lime in this is definitely more refreshing on me than tropical. bpal has definitely changed my idea of mint - i was worried it would be like peppermint or something, but it so clean and refreshing. not like i need more bpal note addictions.
  3. biggerkrissy

    Sleepytime BPAL

    i finally got somnus yesterday at willcall ... and it's the best thing ever. someone i read puts a dot above their lip - so the smell is wafted straight to the nosey - and that works too. last night was blissful sleep!
  4. biggerkrissy

    Sleepytime BPAL

    wow, you are out of luck! i had a blend made for me at body perfumery - vanilla, jasmine and lavender. it totally makes me sleepy. but i'm almost out, so i thought i'd solicit some more ideas. i love all three!
  5. biggerkrissy

    Sleepytime BPAL

    i'm desperately awaiting my first sniff of somnus, but i'm wondering if anyone can recommend others who make oils that are sure to help put me to sleep.