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  1. I have the Weenie 2011 Apples, all save one. (No Black Apple)  What do you think is a good price for them? There are 4. My Glittering of the Stars is BNNU. The others are lightly, cleanly tested. 

      These are gorgeous.  I overspent this holiday and stressing the bills. :sad:

  2. Seadreamer

    Sol Invictus

    The '09 Version: Oh, hai there frankincense! Why don't I just lay my brain here on the floor so you can stomp on it with your oh-so-stylish spiked heel, pointed toe pumps? I should have known better. I DID know better. I was just too tempted by the lovliness that is Sol Invictus. But however wonderful it may be, I have to force myself to remember one thing: Frankincense gives me migraines!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! <-- and that is what it does to my brain. Still pretty though...
  3. Seadreamer

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    OMG, me TOOOOO!! I'm so thrilled I got a bottle.
  4. Seadreamer


    Wow, I'm surprised. This scent goes extremely metallic on me. Does that mean I amp pyrite? Or maybe bronze musk? How odd. Up close to my skin, I get that lovely pear/amber/fig leaf combo, but the throw is all metals, all the time. I'm not sure about this one. I wonder if aging will mellow it out just a little. Then again, I've only had it on a couple of hours. We'll see what it does the rest of the day, and if it doesn't sweeten up a bit, I think I'll tuck it away to age.
  5. Seadreamer

    Vampire Tarot: The Fool

    In the bottle: Minty, soft flowers growing in dirt. Wet: Well, hallo MINT!! About 15 minutes: That's... huh. I smell like dirt. It's.... I feel like I need a shower, for some reason. 2 hours: Mmmmmm... soft. Silky. Barely floral. Barely mint. In fact... barely there. I'd reapply, but I'm not sure I want to smell that strongly of dirt. I'd love to collect the whole set, but honestly? To be practical, I'm glad I got a decant.
  6. Seadreamer


    Of all the scents in this update, Tissue was the one I was most looking forward to. I got a decant, and now I want a bottle to slather myself in. I like gardenia, but was hoping this would be more than that. I should have known that Beth would never do something that simple, becuase this is one of the most beautiful scents I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. If you looked up "pretty" in the dictionary, you'd find a scratch and sniff of Tissue. It is floral, without a doubt. But it also creamy (though not foody-creamy) and mellow at the same time. I have no idea what rice paper is supposed to smell like, but when I think "rice paper" and smell my wrist, my mind immediately goes, "Oh yeah! I get it." The only complaint I have is a complaint against myself. For some reason, I'm only smelling it very faintly. I've had a couple of office-mates ask me, "Is that you? That smells WONDERFUL!" so I know it's getting out there. I, however, have to put wrist to nose and inhale. And you know what? I can live with that.
  7. Seadreamer

    Lupanar Atmospheric Spray

    OMG, I got this at work today (YAY for making THAT decision) and immediately went out to my car to spritz it. I was careful, because I know how strong these things can be, and.... I want to buy it again. And again. It is GORGEOUS. In fact it's so great I'm pretty much useless for objective conversation here. All I can say is BUY IT!! Buy it now!! Feel free to buy me some more too! *lol* It's amazing! Editing the next day to add: This morning on my way to work my car smelled AMAZING. It's still filled with lucious honey, almond and that smoky, spiciness that must be the myrrh. This is the first time that I seriously think I have to order another bottle, budget permitting.
  8. Seadreamer

    The Macabray

    This one is doing really weird things on me. On the one hand, I ADORE the smell of it in the bottle. It's so YUM. And floating around me on the air, it's beautiful. Nice throw, obviously. But up close and person with my skin? First it turned into soap. SOAP! WTH? And then it disappeared. I think I'm probably smelling it from where I got it on my shirt at the bends of my elbows. If so, it works. I think it's crying out for a scent locket. Oh, that absolutely justifies the price of one, yeah????? The Macabray is still a keeper, even if I might have to treat it a bit differently.
  9. Seadreamer

    No. 93 Engine

    OH... MY... GOD... After reading the reviews, I knew I had to try this, even though the frankincence in it worried me. (Sometimes it hates me) And there was a moment when it went sharp and strong and I was absolutely devestated. That lasted about 10 minutes and then this scent turned into something so amazing it's hard to put it into words. My advice? Go, read all those reviews of people who are better at this than I am, and take them to heart. This is an AMAZING warm, just-sweet-enough, smokey, incense-y, beeswax-y congolmeration of utter perfection. This is different from every other BPAL scent that has worked for me so far, and I am utterly and overwhelmingly in love. I will be ordering a big bottle and my earliest (financial) opportunity.
  10. Seadreamer

    Candy Phoenix

    You know, I should REALLLY take a closer look at the descriptions of things, because all I seemed to zero in on was "sugared pear and white apple." And while that IS there, this scent is SO much more than that. It positively didn't work for me, so I sent my decant off as a gift to another forum member. Still, it was absolutely fun to check it out.
  11. Seadreamer

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, I'm horribly jealous! I made a huge TP order, WITH Inquisition and got no pen.
  12. Seadreamer

    Violet Ray

    This scent gave me the weirdest experience I've ever had with perfume. For some really odd reason, my nose does NOT recognize Violet Ray. I can't smell it at all. I practically stuck the imp up my nose, and... nothing. That's not the strangest part. I put some on the back of my hand. and still I smell absolutely nothing. BUT!!! I dropped my hand down by my dog's face and she RAN. I kid you not. She sniffed my hand, scrambled up out of my lap and ran to the other side of the room. WTF, people? I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open. I coaxed her back to my lap and slipped my perfumed hand by her nose again, and she left again. At that point I got up and washed it off. If that's not the oddest esperience anyone's ever had with scent, I'll.... Um... be surprised. Yeah. I'll be really surprised. I'm still left with the overwhelming sense of WTF???
  13. Seadreamer


    You know how disappointing it can be when you have your heart set on a scent, and it just doesn't work for you? Lucky for me, Croquet isn't that scent. I have wanted this since the very first time I made it all the way through the lab's website and this one just cracked me up. I got it as a frimp in a decant circle (thank you Diana!) and I am in LOVE. Croquet is very similar in tone to Serpents Wtih Sparkling Eyes and Forky Tongues, but it's not identical. I still love them both. I was praying that the sage wouldn't overpower the citrus, and it doesn't, but it's absolutely there. As is the musk. And it's just so... YUMMY. I mean, there's just no other word for it. Croquet is the BOMB. I've never really found a signature fragrance before, but this juuuuuust might be it. I think I'm going to have to order a bottle, like, TODAY. On the handy-dandy 1-5 scale? Off the charts, babeeee. Off the charts. Edited since I can never seem to hit "post" without there being SOME kind of error.
  14. Seadreamer


    I think the woodsey thing that this scent has going on is acting just like the evergreens that hate me so much. Even getting past the name... *lol* If it had worked for me, I would have admitted it. But unfortunately, I get overwhelmed with the feeling that someone is beating me over the head with aromatic boards. Um. No. Actually... having been around sawmills as a child (my dad worked in one) it smells like uncured wood, which is always a little more sharp and a little less smooth. I know I like woody smells in general, but I think the difference between the cured wood smells and the sappy-sharp smell of freshly cut wood in this scent is what's putting me off here. But an interesting experiment, none the less. Much appreciated, Lab, even if it didn't work out for me. This one is off to swaps, along with Tabella. --Edited to make a little more sense.
  15. Seadreamer


    Oh frankincense, you evil, evil creature. I didn't even smell you at first sniff, but within an hour, I had a full blown migraine. There's also something in there that smells sour to me. Not sure what it was, and I don't know if it would have faded on my skin, because I only sniffed from the bottle. It never even GOT as far as my skin. You know, migraines are why I gave up perfume 20 years ago. I'm so disappointed that I'm having problems again. At least, with these blends, it's a whole lot easier to narrow it down. Anyway, this once-sniffed bottle will be going off for swaps. Too bad.